Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Zen Living Snowball Aromatherapy Diffuser: Reviewed

It is cold season and guess who has a cold.  A BAD one.  First my husband had it.  He was such a DIVA about it, lol.  The thing is, he can take any medicine he wants.  I on the other hand, can not as I am breastfeeding my little one.  (Little fella has a cold too, but luckily for him, mama is providing him antibodies.)  So the 2 people who are really suffering with a cold, is mama and daughter (who is 3 1/2).  She cannot take medicine as most medicine is for ages 5 and up.  So it is mainly hot soup, water, water, and water.  I do not really drink OJ any more as it is too sweet and acidic now for my taste, and she only drinks milk and water (luckily she does not have a taste for juices yet).  I have been having my daughter and I take our daily vitamins.  I do try to get her to nap when possible, but it is a struggle with all her energy.  I of course am a robot, and do not sleep.  I have far too many things that have to get done when the house is quiet and so sleep comes to me unfortunately in the wee hours of the night.

One thing that has helped GREATLY with her cold symptoms is a diffuser.  We were sent one to review from Zen Living.  It is a large white round diffuser that is perfectly named the Snowball.  This diffuser holds 300 ml of water and gives off a cool mist into the air.  We use it with essential oils as I am the essential oil fanatic over here.  I have various oils that I mix together to use in hair and skin items and for aromatherapy.  I like to use lemon and lavender or peppermint and lemon.  Sometimes I use manuka oil with sandalwood or neroli (orange flower oil).  But the past 2 weeks, (yes its been that long of a sickness in this house--my husband for a week and now me and the kids) I have put eucalyptus and peppermint in the diffuser as it helps clear nasal passages.  I am not a fan of store bought vapor rubs, as they are filled with chemicals, so I use essential oils.  For my daughter and infant, I make a homemade mixture of lavender, eucalyptus, manuka, tea tree, peppermint and extra virgin coconut oil.  This makes a special aromatherapy and breathing salve.  I apply it thickly on the bottoms of their feet and then cover up their feet with thick old sporty type socks (socks that are generally ugly but super padded and comfy).  Putting a vapor type rub on feet can assist with nasal passages and relieves a bad cough.  The diffuser is in my 3 1/2 year old's room and the aroma mist and the lights soothe her to a sleepy state.  She is comforted by the light.  I totally need 2 of these diffusers. :)

Our son, who is 8 months, sleeps with us in our room and we do not have a diffuser in there, but I do try to put some oils on a thick paper towel and then hang the paper towel from the ceiling near our bed (one good thing about low ceiling in this old drafty house).

The diffuser is easy to use.  You fill it up with water and add the essential oil(s) of your choosing.  The essential oil and water mix into a mist and then rise into the air. You can select the color you want the diffuser to make, or you can let it cycle through.  I like that when the water runs out, it safely switches off.  Using a diffuser like this helps relieve stress, provides natural relief for flu and cold, purifies and improves the quality of air, and is soothing to drift off to sleep watching.  My daughter loves this machine and I love it as well.  It is attractive on the table in her room.  The unit can be used with or without the lights.  *sample sent for review*

For more information you can read about this product on the company's website/blog.  This  Zen Living Snowball is available to purchase on Amazon. Connect with Zen Living on Facebook for new products and tips for a better and more relaxed self.  

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