Thursday, December 4, 2014

Michael Todd Soniclear Cleansing Brush: Reviewed

I love skincare, haircare, and all the gadgets and cosmetics that make a gal feel and look her best.  I have always been one to be on the lookout for top quality products that are innovative, fun to use, and that provide results.  I had the opportunity to test out a sonic facial cleansing brush from the Michael Todd Company.   For those of you not familiar with Michael Todd products, they are USA made (this is very important to me), they are made with 70%-95% ingredients, and not laden with chemicals.  What also makes them stand out from all the rest is that they do not water down their products, they use 100% natural Aloe Vera as a base.  Being a sulfate free family, it is often difficult to find products that I feel are safe, yet effective for me and my family to use.  This is why I like the company.  The products are pricy, but they do not use cheap ingredients or fillers.

The Soniclear brush is nothing short of stunning.  It is a plum purple color at the base/charging cradle with matching plum rubber grip on the handle.  The bumpy texture feels nice and secure when held.  This prevents slippage when used in the shower or near the sink.  The handle is a light grey lavender color.  This system has a nice heft to it, which makes it feel quality made.  There are no flaws or rough edges to the device, it is smooth and sleek.

When you open this from the package, you should charge this a full 24 hours before using it, in order to prep the device and prolong the life of it.  When it is fully charged, wash the brush heads in warm soapy water and then use the facial one on your face with a gentle cleanser.  I like using this cleansing brush 2-3 times a week with a mild cleaner.  I usually use a fragrance free castile soap with a drop of Manuka oil or lavender oil.

It has a beeping timer on it to let you know that you need to move the brush to a different area of the skin in order to provide the best experience and least irritation.  The 2 heads each have 3 different speeds/settings and the unit knows which head is being used when attached.

The brush is quite an enjoyable experience and I definitely see results immediately after using it.  This sonic brush makes my skin fresher in appearance, smoother in texture and helps with controlling blackheads.  My pores are naturally large and when they are clogged with blackheads, they are really noticeable.  When I keep up the weekly usage (2-3 times each week) my face looks amazing and has a healthy, youthful glow.  However, I can definitely tell a difference when I skip a week of using it.   

This is an expensive device, however I truly feel you get what you pay for.  It is well designed and sturdy and it is USA made.  I like how the brush heads are antimicrobial.  The bristles are soft, yet effective.  I have not had any irritation or redness from using this system.  I love using this and suggest you try it if you are in the market for a top quality sonic brush.

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A sample unit was sent to me free for review.

This is my honest opinion, and it is possible that not everyone will have my experience. I do fully recommend this product.  This post does include Affiliate links.

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