Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Luxury Sateen Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad: By Snoozy: Reviewed

I have an 8 month old baby, our second child.  He is currently teething and so he is waking up for nursing more frequently than usual.  This makes for more diaper changes and potentially more leaks.  He is cloth diapered, so he does not have many leaks, however he has had a few and they are never pleasant for baby or for mommy.  Being groggy and half asleep (me and baby), having to deal with a soaked bed is not fun for either of us.  I have found that some waterproof mattress sheets/pads are noisy (crinkly), make baby sweat as they are plastic lined, or overall poor quality.  I had one in the recent past that after one was washed on gentle with cold water, it had ripped it in several places, making it unusable.

I had the opportunity to review a crib mattress protector from Snoozy .  This is a very soft pad that is 250 thread count, sateen cotton with 100% cotton filling.  The seams are tight and neatly done, the material is high quality and soft. There is no chemical smell when this is taken out of the bag.  It  is made with Polyurethane, which is a waterproof material.  I use pocket diapers which have the same waterproof material.  I like how this crib cover does not make any noise and it is breathable.  Our baby gets warm in the night, and this will not make him hot.  The crib pad / cover has sewn textured, zigzag, which in my opinion, would help lock in liquid if there was a potty accident.  This crib pad has an anti allergen barrier that will protect against dust mites.  I like how well made this is and how cuddly it is against baby's skin.  This has deep sides that prevent slippage off the mattress.  I recommend this pad, and would suggest having 2 of them so you can put the soiled one in the wash and have a fresh one to put on the bed.

The great thing about this is that it is indeed  machine washable and dryable.  I have washed it once so far without any problems.  This is a highly absorbent, top quality mattress pad / protector.  It is nicely padded for a sweet, comfortable sleep for your precious one.  It fits snug, for a safe fit.  The giraffe logo is very cute and cuddly.  I would have liked it to be USA made.

This is available on Amazon.

**I was sent s sample mattress pad for review. This is my honest opinion and personal experience with this product.**

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