Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SimplyBeautiful Chrome Shaving Bowl: Reviewed

I reviewed the SimplyBeautiful 100% pure badger hair shaving brush and in my review I mentioned that I also would be posting about the shaving bowl from the same brand. This bowl is a chrome metal and has a nice weight to it without being heavy.  It is very sturdy and the goblet shape makes it very easy and comfortable to hold in my hand when lathering my brush.

I like to fill my sink with very hot water and let this heat up for about 2 minutes.  The metal bowl conducts heat well helps provide a nice foamy lather.  I am not fond of the fact that it is not USA made, but I was happy that it did not have any odd chemical odor or unfinished edges that might be sharp.  The bowl is a nice quality and I think having a lid is nice for those who store a shaving soap or puck in the bowl.  I only use the lid for display as it looks nice, however I personally do not need the lid as my shaving puck has its own tin with a lid.

The bowl is a nice size and I am able to add whatever essential oils and butters I chose to use to enhance my shaving experience.  I often add Manuka oil, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Calendula, Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Vegetable glycerin to my bowl after adding my frothy soap (from the puck).  I have no complaints about this bowl and find it to be a wonderful additional to my wet shaving kit. This would make a nice gift for a man or woman who uses a shaving brush and safety razor.


I received this as a sample for an honest review. This is my own personal experience and honest opinion of this shaving bowl. Not everyone will share my opinion.

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