Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bru Joy Milk Frother: Reviewed

I have a coffee obsessed husband. He loves coffee a little too much, and will drink it volcanic hot even in 90+ degree weather. He likes a light breakfast blend or medium roast with "2 cream and 2 Splenda." I like coffee, but try to only have about 1 cup a week due to me feeding my infant naturally and also sometimes my stomach cannot handle coffee for some reason. I used to drink it several times a week, but in the last 2 or 3 years, my stomach gets grumpy sometimes when I have it, even decaf. I am more of a smoothie and shake person and make a protein rich, smoothie with matcha tea or cacao powder and lots of other goodies. I like a thick and frothy drink and although I use a blender/Magic Bullet, I do like a bit of frothy topping. I have always wanted a milk frother or immersion blender but have never had one. I was naturally over the moon when Bru Joy (the company I reviewed a can opener and garlic press for previously) contacted me for reviewing their frother. HAPPY!

This is a sleek little gadget and so very useful.  I used it within 10 minutes of opening the package.  I gave it a little cleaning and being mixing up a batch of wonderful. I have tried it with almond milk, 1% milk, and store bought coffee creamer and each liquid froths up nicely. Of the 3, the Almond milk is not at thick and is more bubbly instead of a peak foam. The 1 % and coffee creamer whip up very thick and stay thick for the entire drink. (I still have froth in my glass even after the liquid portion of my drink is finished.) I have not tried skim milk, but I imagine it would be great as well.

I use this frother every day for various drinks. I like to froth up drinks for my husband, and he does not complain. :) I have not tried it, but this would probably work well to quickly scramble eggs before cooking them in a pan. I am guessing this will function very similar to an immersion blender and thicken soups and sauces. I use this to give a thicker texture to my smoothies after I blend them in the blender with frozen fruit.

The video below was done at 3 am (I am a night owl and this is the time I can get things done) and did not wake anyone up, despite the bedroom being in the next room from our kitchen. The motor is quiet and this froths my milk fast. It has a one touch button design and you do not need to hold the button down. You can froth for 20 to 30 seconds and have the perfect foam ready for adding to your favorite coffee drink. I must admit I use it longer than that as I get carried away with it. This is lightweight and easy to clean. DO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHER please. To clean this frother, put the spiral end and the the stick part under hot running water for a few seconds to dry. I always lay it on a clean paper towel afterwards. It does come with a bracket to screw into the wall, and I will do that soon. I have not yet screwed it into the wall as I need to find our motorized screw drill. For some reason our incredibly old cabinets are so thick I cannot use a manual screw driver to attach this to the wall. You probably won't have my difficulty. The mounting bracket lets the milk frother sit on your kitchen counter or be hung on your kitchen cabinet, this is nice so it does not roll off the counter.

This is a well made little frother, made from solid 18/10 stainless steel. It arrived to me in a box and then inside a shipping box. The company provides a Lifetime Warranty on this frother. You can learn more about Bru Joy by visiting their website.  Connect with the company on Facebook to stay up to date on new products and sales.

This was my honest opinion and personal experience with this frother. I was sent one Bru Joy frother for review.

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