Monday, December 8, 2014

Xtava Allure 2200 W hair dryer: Reviewed

I haven't had a new hairdryer in almost 8 years. I have 2 hair dryers and my husband thinks that amount equals 10 (so I have not really brought up the idea of purchasing a new one). The one I had been using was about 7-8 years old and very bulky. It was a fairly nice hairdryer in its day but it was not so easy to pack for a trip due to the weight, and since my hair is extremely thick, and long, my arms often would get tired quickly from the weight of holding it extended periods of time. I had taken a break from using the hair dryer and mine had gotten forgotten and dust bunnies took up residence. I figured I would not use a hair dryer until I found one that was of compatible quality but lighter.

The Allure hairdryer upon arrival was just as sleek and snazzy as it appears online. It arrived in a nice looking box and is lightweight when removed. It has two speeds and three heat settings. I like how it has a cold burst button like my other dryer. This is something that helps with preventing frizz and sets your hairdo. :) The other nice feature with this dryer is that it gives off negative ions to seal the hair cuticle which makes your hair look less frizzy, and provides a natural luster.

It has a removable piece that concentrates the air into an area which allows for use with a brush for smoothing and straightening section by section. I always use this nozzle as I notice it helps with drying time and my hair looks noticeably better when I use it. The 2200 W of power is not the maximum of Wattage I have seen for a hair dryer, however it is definitely not the lowest. It allows me to dry my hair quickly and efficiently.

The only negative I have to say about it is that it is not pink (a medium peachy vintage shell pink). That would make it perfect. :)

I really like this dryer and recommend it if you are looking for a nice quality dryer without breaking the bank. It does not cramp my hand and it performs well.

The Allure hair dryer was sent to me for review and testing. This is my personal experience and honest opinion. Not everyone will have my same experience with this product, however it worked wonderfully for me.

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