Sunday, December 14, 2014

Influenster Moda Box: Review

I thought I would give you a quick peek into what I got this month from Influenster.  I love freebies, and makeup / beauty items are even better!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara, Moisture Renew Lipstick, and Clear Lip liner

This mascara works nicely for a drugstore brand.  The red tube is pretty and attention getting and I like the large wand.  It has a unique looking curved doe foot applicator.  This shape assists with providing a slight curl to the lashes, so they flutter a bit. The application is fairly nice and it is a dark black mascara.  I did not seem to have much flaking or fall out with this brand.  The mascara is not something that was overly impressive to me, as I do have a favorite brand, but it is one I would purchase if it was on sale.  

The lipstick applied smooth and did not tug on my lips which is quite important for youthful lips. 
My lips are always dry in the winter and often my lipstick does not look as nice.  This formula reduces lip dryness but still gives full color.  I like how the lipsticks in this line contain vitamin A, C, and E. The lip color I received was Berry Rose, it is not a bad color, it is just not one I would have selected if given a choice or if buying it on my own.  I think I would have preferred one of the really bright red shades or the fuchsia ones.  This lipstick is more of a berry mauve and nice for fall, but I am someone who does not go by the guidelines of makeup colors by seasons.  I like a bright vintage red lips or fuchsia for most any occasion or season.  The lip liner was different from what I have tried before as it is a colorless option.  It has castor oil and shea butter which are nice for hydration.   

Clairol Honey Apricot Hair Food Mask:
I thought this was just average, as most products on the market today either have sulfates, alcohols, or silicone (Dimethicone) in it. This is apparently sulfate free but has the other 2 ingredients in it along with Red 33, Yellow 5, and some other chemicals. Sadly the only real "food" or natural ingredients in here is Honey (at the bottom of the list so it has very little of the beloved humectant. Sadly the only Apricot in this product is a fragrance of apricot, which is synthetic. It smells pretty but is not natural. I like reading ingredients such as: jojoba oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, oatmeal, honey, calendula, orange extracts, coconut oil, shea butter, etc. I do not use or like things that I either cannot pronounce, do not know what they are, or things that are highly chemical based. Sadly this product was only used once to test. Beautiful fragrance, sleek packaging. Sadly has alcohols and silicone in it so I only used a small amount just to try it.

Puffs Tissues in large Soft Pack 

I received a pack that was a soft yellow cream shade with gold polka dots.   Very cute pattern, which is nice as we all only things that look nice.  It sometimes helps to have something pretty to use when you are blowing a drippy red nose.  :) I like how this reminds me of those tiny purse packs you get, however this last longer than a few uses.  I do think it is too large for a purse or diaper bag even though my purse/diaper bag is huge and basically a carry on luggage size.  I think if this was half the size, split into to of them, that would have fit better in my vehicle glove box, diaper bag, or car organizer.  I like how all the patterns are a retro mod style with graphics and colors.  I liked this product.

Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

Is a nice travel size bottle that fits well in a bag (or glove box) and has a nice flip top lid, which I prefer.  The fragrance is light and this is not greasy on my skin.  I like how it absorbs quickly.  I do not like the list of chemicals in it as I prefer to use lotions that are 90% or more natural.  I like to use aloe vera, shea, coco butter, argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil for my skin.  However, as regular lotions go, this one is good.

Resource Natural Spring Water

I liked this a lot.  I am fond of drinking water, specifically bottled water as it is fresh, pure, clean, and convenient.  The size of this water was nice.  I put it in my double walled water bottle for fun. :)  I shared some with my almost 4 year old, she had some in her sippy cup.  

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa

I liked this and used it as a frozen cocoa ingredient.  I mixed ice, a generous helping of Reddi Whip (blue can that is labeled extra creamy) milk and the entire Swiss Miss dark chocolate packet.  I was so happy mine was the dark chocolate sample.  This was fantastic.  

**These items were sent to me, in my Influenster Moda Vox Box free, in exchange for my honest opinion.**

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