Saturday, December 13, 2014

Extendable Selfie Monopod by CLD brands: Reviewed

Have you been on of those people who asks someone while you are on vacation being touristy if they will take your picture, knowing full well it probably won't turn out because they may not hold the camera steady, or they may be in a hurry and only take one rushed picture? Perhaps it would have been the perfect shot, but  they accidentally did not press the button, or you happened to blink in the one picture they took, or  you are like me and you do not want to ask, as you are afraid you are inconveniencing someone?  I have often missed out of a neat photo opp due to not having someone to take a picture for me or if I am with my husband, we have to decide who will hold the camera to take the picture, and who will actually be in the photo.  When we would see sites or be at a special event, we would rarely be in the same picture. We no longer have that problem.  I have found a way for both of us to be in the photo and both enjoy the memory.  Is is super easy now that I have a Selfie Stick / monopod camera and smart phone holder.  This thing is nothing short of awesome.

I can take a picture of both of us at the same time and there is no awkward extended arm or reaching effect seen in pictures that are obvious "selfies."  My cell phone is pretty ancient, at least compared to most people's devices, but I am able to use it with this stick.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, and luckily have a timer on it.  I usually set the timer at 5 seconds, hold this selfie stick steady and smile.  My cell phone fits into the universal holder / adjuster part of the monopod and I just gently clamp my phone into place to secure it.  My phone has a slim fitting TPU case and I do not need to remove it to use this.  This selfie stick monopod is lightweight and easily tucks away into a medium to large size bag or carry on.  This stores easily in our vehicle.  This works for videos as well.  The pole extends to your desired length and can be adjust in several positions. 

These are the items included with the Selfie:

1 Universal Phone Holder
1 Wrist Strap

I want to note that the first Selfie Monopod arrived to me broken on the actual part the phone is placed into, and it was not useable.  This was due to poor packaging on Amazon's warehouse's part.  I contacted the seller and I was sent a replacement promptly after sending some pictures for them to investigate.  The replacement works great and I use this stick frequently. 

This may not be the most expensive monopod you can get,  but really this one works fine for my everyday use.  I would have preferred for it to come with a clicker so that I would not need to set / adjust the timer each time.  

For more information or to purchase, you can find this on Amazon.

Here is a picture that was taken with this selfie monopod arm, I like how it is not noticeable that I am taking my own picture. I can adjust height and position of the camera / phone. 

*This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.*

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