Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joyal Beauty: Royal Jelly Serum: Reviewed

I have known how wonderful Royal Jelly is for your skin and have tried it in little capsule form previously over the years. I would break open a pill containing this potent healing and antiaging serum and smooth over my face. I did not really keep up with using it as it became an extra hassle having to use the capsules and then remember to through it away when I was done. You could tell which days I was running in a rush as 1 or 2 empty capsules would remain on my table a day or 2.

This is the type I would use, it was a great price and easy for me to find. It make my skin feel and lok nice, but I just was not diligent about it.

I had the opportunity to try out a royal jelly serum (in an actual pump bottle, yay!) from the Joyal Beauty company.  It is a great serum in my opinion.  First off, having it in a pump is bonus points as it is less messy for me, and I am always partial to pump bottles as they are easier to get the exact amount of product.  I can apply the number of pumps needed without wasting the product.  The capsules worked fine for me, but they seemed oily.  I realize it had Vitamin E oil in it, but it was too heavy on my skin.  This Royal Jelly from Joyal has many moisturizing and healing ingredients, and yet it feels lightweight and clean in application.  My fingers do not need wiping or washing after I apply this.  I like how it has Aloe Vera (soothing, healing), Witch Hazel (great as a skin toner and antibacterial and antifungal), Jojoba Oil (functions similar to actual sebum in the skin so it is a light oil that provides moisture), Green Tea Extract, Honey (fantastic healer and humectant for skin---it draws moisture to the skin), and Melissa Essential Oil (also known as Lemon Balm due to its sweet lemon fragrance, this is ultra healing for skin).  This serum has a light fragrance that is natural and pretty. 

I like applying this on my face after toning and applying my other serums.  I apply Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid first and then apply this to my skin.  My main areas of focus are around my delicate eye area where I am starting to see fine lines and lose of elasticity.  I have always had dark circles, due to extreme insomnia, and genetics, so I apply my serums under my eyes in hopes that something will work some magic.  I also apply the jelly to my forehead and between my brows.  I apply to my entire face, however, those areas get a thicker application. 

I have only tested this for 2 weeks, however I like it a lot.  I sometimes apply a drop each on the backs of my hands as I am always worried about having aged hands. :) This seems to keep my knuckles and the backs of my hands smoother.  I like this serum and recommend it if you are looking for one to try.

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*I was sent a sample bottle of this royal jelly serum to facilitate my review. This is my honest opinion of this serum.*

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