Friday, December 5, 2014

Namefully Acrylic Necklace: Reviewed

I have a sterling silver name necklace with my name and my daughter's name on it, and still need to get one with my 7 month old son's name on it (for me to wear).  I love having a name necklace because since my name is unique, I have never found anything with my name on it, unless it is specially made.  Even the tacky items at a travel shop, such as a mini license plate or an ugly mug, no items ever have my name, EVER.  I was excited to have the opportunity to review a company that does name necklaces and was sent an acrylic necklace to review.  The company is called "Namefully."

The acrylic name necklaces are able to be in most any basic color of your choosing.  I selected black as it goes with a lot of outfits, is classy, somewhat vintage, and seems to be able to dress up or down.  I want to add that these acrylic necklaces are not real silver, they are a silver tone / silver plated rolo chain.  The necklaces are really reasonable at $15 and shipping is FREE for all orders worldwide!

They have a few options for font styles and if you do not want your whole name, you can do a 3 letter monogram of your first, middle, and last name.  I decided to have my name done and it was shipped out to me and arrived at my door within 2 1/2 weeks.  The necklaces are designed, produced, and ready to ship within 5-7 business days.  My necklace was stamped as coming from Israel so the shipping took longer than I was originally expecting.  My name necklace was made within a few very short days of requesting the necklace.  Orders are shipped via Registered Mail.  The website states that you should allow for between 8-15 business days for delivery.  (Business days meaning that you should add in Saturdays and Sundays to the 8-15 days estimation).  For having this made and shipped from Israel it was quite fast.  When it came in the mail I knew exactly what it was and was excited to open it.  My heart sank and I did one of those slow motion "Noooooooooooooo....................." When I saw it was broken in half.  I seriously almost cried.  I do want to note that when they shipped it, it was in a thin, THIN, white envelope and the padding was non existent.  I was surprised that there was no cardboard gift box inside the envelope to further pad the necklace, especially since it came such a long journey.  I immediately emailed them with a picture of the necklace and requested a better shipping envelope and this time a gift box.  I was polite but told them that I was so excited to review the necklace and figured a non broken necklace would be best. :)

Within 2 days I heard back and was told a replacement would be shipped out.  I was super happy.  It seemed that the replacement actually came quicker than the first one did, and the replacement did have a gift box.  I am thinking that since the box has "Namefully" printed on it, that they usually use boxes for the necklaces, but perhaps since I was a product tester I was not originally intended for a box? I am not sure, it may be that the acrylic (cheaper) necklaces do not get boxes.  But if that is the case, the acrylic necklaces are the ones that really need the necklaces as they seem a touch fragile, at least in the shipping sense.

I am glad I requested a box.  The necklace arrived in tact and gorgeous! I absolutely love it and so happy I selected black!!  The box is cute as well and makes this a great gift-able item this holiday.  The company's website is offering a sale on their website for 15% if you enter HOLIDAYS14.  I am not sure how long the sale is going on.  The website offers sterling silver, silver plated, gold plated or 10k and 14k gold.  In my opinion, I personally would pay a bit more a get at least sterling silver.  The acrylic necklaces sadly do not come in a nicer chain, but perhaps if a special request was made (and a price upgrade) you could get the chain to be sterling silver.  That is really my only critique of this acrylic necklace.  The chain is super fragile and is not the highest quality (but the price of $15 is nice).  I am worried that it will snap apart.  I have worn this several times and it is still in tact, so I am happy.  It is so pretty!

I selected an 18 inch length, but wished I had chosen 16 inch, as the length gets longer when you add the name.  Luckily my name has only 5 letters, so the 18 inch length plus my 5 letters do not make it too terribly long.  I sometimes have the problem of my necklace hiding under my shirt collar.  If I had selected the 16 inch I would not had that problem.  That was my own error in ordering/choosing.

I really like love this necklace, and if there was a way to upgrade to sterling silver for the acrylic, I probably would.  The black necklace gives a nice added interest over my other 2 name necklaces (that are all sterling on the name and chain). The only change I would make would be for me to have ordered a 16 inch, and to have a sterling silver (sturdier and nicer) chain.  The acrylic name necklace is a great choice otherwise.

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I was sent an acrylic necklace to review. I like this necklace and these are my full and honest opinions of it. I try to be as critical as possible with items I review.  Not everyone will have my experience. 

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