Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MeasuPro IRT20 Temperature Gun Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer: Reviewed

I had the opportunity to review something rather unique recently. It is something I did not think would come in handy much, but it really is quite a versatile and useful item. Have you ever wondered if the back room of your house really is as cold as it feels (at least ours is)? What is the temperature difference in there versus the rest of the house? Our home is almost 100 years old, and is not insulated well. There are a few rooms that vary in temperature.

The item I was sent to review was the MeasuPro Temperature Gun Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. Sounds like a special power on a super hero doesn't it? This is a small temperature reading device that uses "advanced laser technology" (red laser dot light) you can aim the temperature gun on items or walls, etc. and get an accurate reading. This works even on moving targets (but I have yet to try that). This non-contact infrared thermometer can be used for automotive diagnostics, HVAC service, cooking, home repair/construction/electrical troubleshooting.

We have been using it while we are doing some DIY home construction upstairs. Our second floor has absolutely zero insulation in the walls or roof. We are trying to little by little tear our parts of the ceiling and wall and insulate. We have been able to point this at various places and find differentiating temperatures. It is neat to see how this works on varying objects and areas. This rubber coated, ergonomic, handheld infrared thermometer seems to take accurate readings. All you do is aim the device towards the item in question.

We have not needed it yet (thankfully) for the SUV, but this would be useful to diagnose a variety of electrical and mechanical issues (by someone who obviously knows what they are doing). It has 3 buttons on the screen, you can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. To use this device, press the trigger and then release so the temperature will display on the screen and automatically hold the reading for seven seconds. It makes a loud beep which I am not fond of. You can locate a hotspot by moving it up and down until the hotspot is located.

This measures a range of -58 to 716°F. That is pretty impressive. I was happy to see that the battery was included (one 9V battery) as it is a type we do not keep readily on hand at home. The MeasurPro has automatic auto off function of seven seconds. This is a great battery life saving feature. We think this is a neat device and have used it a lot this past month.

*This was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.*

It is available to purchase on Amazon.

Here is my Husband demonstrating the temperature gun downstairs.  I did not get a picture of him using it upstairs as it is a major construction zone up there.

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