Tuesday, December 9, 2014

50% Lactic Acid Face Peel by Dr. Song: Reviewed

I have always been fond of microdermabrasion crystals, gritty facial scrubs, mud masks, charcoal masks, and various facial potions.  I have always been curious of facial peels and was excited to try a Lactic Acid Gel Peel  from the Dr. Song company.  I had tried their Rose Hip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid previously and was pleased with both.

Dr Song Medical is a medical cosmetic company that originally manufactures natural based products for  doctors and medical facilities, and now supplies professional grade beauty oils and peels to individuals for .home treatment.  This is wonderful for me as we do not have the budget to see a professional skin specialist for in office peels or treatments.  My face stays pretty clear for the most part, but I do have large pores that seem to always get clogged with dirt and about once a month I get a painful cystic acne bump along my jaw. I am happy that Dr Song Medical products are made in the USA and are FDA compliant. These professional grade products feature natural ingredients. 

I have been trying their 50% Lactic Acid Face Peel for the past month and I like it a lot.  It does take some time getting used to.  My face does look red for the first 15 minutes and then it goes back to normal.

This is how you are to apply the treatment:  Please use caution on extremely sensitive skin and do not use if your skin is cut or already irritated as it will make it worse.

Cleanse your face and neck, and gently pat dry.  Apply on a cotton ball (or in my case cotton pad as it was larger) to the area and leave on for the directed time (for 1 minute for your first peel and slowly increase the time of each peel afterwards by 1-2 minutes if your skin can handle it). Rinse product with very cold water to neutralize and pat dry after. 

These are basic guidelines, and you need to start off slow and careful so as to not harm your skin. It is important to do skin patch tests.  Keep the peel at least a quarter of an inch away from the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Do not apply the peel more than once in a 7 day period.  Do not expose your face to the sun for 24 hours before or after the application of the peel. Wear sunscreen daily.  

The first time I used this I left it on for 1 minute and did not have any reaction.  My face did not get red, it was only slightly pink that it looked like I was blushing for a moment.  My face looked normal within about 5 minutes.  I was pleased with how my blackheads appeared to be rising to the surface and almost sitting on top of my large pores, ready to be rinsed away.  It was quite impressive I must say.  I was far too impatient to wait a full 7 days so I did another peel 3 days later, only this time kept the peel on almost 3 minutes.  Bad idea.  Trust me.  Do not try to rush results or do a peel too close to the previous one and do not increase the time, at least I did not need to.  My face was quite red and grumpy for about 15-20 minutes after.  The peel was stinging/burning this second time.  I decided to wait a full week after for my third peel and am happy I did.  The third time I kept it on only 2 minutes and then promptly rinsed with very cold water and then pat dry.  I then applied some aloe and botanical based Retinol cream with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid in it.  My skin felt great and the redness was not bad at all.

Here is what my face looked like immediately rinsing with cold water and patting to dry.  This is before my face cream was applied.  I think the skin looks normal and I was not in any discomfort.  I guess it just takes getting used to and following the directions.  It is important to work your way to the perfect length of time to leave on your skin.

This peel is fantastic for treating age spots, sun spots, skin lightening, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.  I personally have positive results with clogged pores.  I have only used this 4 times, but am hopeful that my 1-2 cystic acne bumps (very painful) that I get along my jawline every 1-3 months will not return.

A sample bottle was provide to me for this review. I had a good experience with this peel and will continue using it. This was my honest opinion. .

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