Monday, December 29, 2014

Softy Hand, Body and surface wipes: Reviewed

We had the opportunity to review some hand wipes in the last few weeks. Our favorite brand is Babyganics as we buy the individual packets that come in a bag of 75 or so. We take 2-4 inside a restaurant with us and usually this is enough for our almost 4 year old and our 8 month old. We like natural products and the wipes are gentle, being alcohol free.

I was sent a container of wipes from Softy to review.  I had never heard of this company previously, but was happy that the wipes claimed to be gentle, alcohol free, and made in the USA.  I thought I would give them a try.  I guess I was not paying attention to the wipe count of the container, because when these arrived in a large box, I was thinking Amazon combined a few things.  The box felt heavier than I was expecting.  I opened the box and the only thing in the box was 1 large massive container of wipes! There are 150 in the container, and wow this is not going to fit easily in a carry on or diaper bag.  (Well it MIGHT fit in one of MY diaper bags/purse, seriously I do like large massive bags, I always have.) The size does hinder it from leaving much space on our changing area.  Now I would not be using these for baby's bottom, but I normally like some disinfectant wipes in that area for wiping down the changing pad, the table, and the diaper pail.  Since he shares his area with our bedroom, we do not have space for these.  So I took these to the suv (which is a small suv now with 2 kids in carseats and a stroller in the trunk area).  I was able to find a spot for these.  They take some space in the car bag, but they are coming in handy.  They have a light fragrance and have Aloe and E in them.  They are gentle on hands and seam to clean things well.  I do prefer having individually packaged wipes as I can grab a few and leave them in my bag and take them into the store or restaurant. 

These are best kept for use while in the car, to wipe down messy hands, toys and carseats.  They are a nice sized wipe and we like these.  However, we would love the company to make smaller sized packs that would fit in a diaper bag.

These are available on Amazon.  I was sent a container for this review.

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