Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nutrabear Vitamin B12 Multivitamin Gummy Bears: Reviewed

I have been trying out some Vitamin B12 + Multivitamin Gummy Bears lately.   I take prenatal vitamins as well as a wide variety of other nutritional supplements and wanted to take some rest from all the swallowing to treat myself to a healthy gummy.  These have a daily value of Vitamin B12 in 3 little gummy bears. They also have most of the daily vitamins we should take.  These are not replacing my prenatal vitamins, however, I wanted a nutritional boost.  These are an improvement over chalky chewable vitamins and are a fun way to gets added nutrition. They are 100% Gluten Free and Gelatin Free and have No artificial flavors.  The brand is NutraBear.  I do want to mention that they have corn syrup, as that may be a deal breaker for some of you.

I like how they include 9 other essential nutrients which are Vitamins A, C, D, E, Pantothenic Acid, B6, B9, Zinc, Choline.  Vitamin B12, along with these other nutrients have a great impact on improving brain cognition and function, provide more energy and make you feel more alert.  I do think that these are helping me tackle the big schedules and activities of the day.  They taste pleasant and although the texture is a bit chewy and not really gummy in the sense that gummy bears normally would be, I do like them.  I do want to mention that the appearance of my gummy bears are not real appetizing.   The stock photos provided to me by the company, and through casual browsing on google, and on Amazon are different in color and neither depict the ones I was sent.  The stock picture the company provided made the gummys look like this:

In my opinion, this looks like the flavors listed on the bottle, Grape, Cherry, Strawberry and Orange (lemon is listed, however not sure why a green gummy would be flavored as lemon).  These colorful gummys look delicious and I would have preferred my bottle to be like these.

Amazon had a different stock photo of the NutraBear Vitamin B12 gummy bottle.  Their bottle looks like this:

I would have preferred either of the previous 2 bottles, but my bottle was a dull yellow brownish shade and the gummy bears did not have much if any bear like features.  My bears looked like little blobs.  They tasted fine, but were not pretty.   For the listed flavors, the multicolor bears make the most sense, so I am not sure why the bears would be all the same color unless they made them more natural perhaps? I am not sure if the previous formulation used artificial colorings to make the pretty and bright colors.  I obviously want the gummys to be as natural and healthy as possible.

Here is my bottle:

I want to note that the dose is 3 gummy bears per day is the same for ages 2-3 and ages 4 and up (and adult) which confuses me, especially since it says that children under age 18 should make sure their pediatrician approves it as safe for them.  I give my almost 4 year old another brand of special gummy bear vitamins specifically for little ones so it is not an issue, however there may be some people wanting to give these to their children and they may want clarity on proper dosage.  These seem to be a good vitamin for me to use as a supplement to my main vitamins.  I have not personally had any ill effects.

These are available on Amazon.

These gummy bear B12 vitamins were sent to me for review at no cost to me. All opinions are my own, and not everyone may agree with me or have my experience.

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