Saturday, December 29, 2012

Private Selection Cheese Bzz Agent Review

I tested out the cheese from Private Selection, but was disappointed at the flavors that were available at the store.  There were three to choose from. I chose the Monterey Buffalo flavor.

This cheese was nice in flavor, and was very smooth and creamy. It made a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich. The Monterrey Jack cheese is very mild (VERY MILD, but tasty), combined with the hint of buffalo flavor (VERY MILD STILL, in my opinion) there was a subtle kick of flavor.

I do think it was missing some more kick. I think that the buffalo wording on the package would scare some people (like my mom--who hates spicy foods) away (those who are afraid of it being too spicy). It was not as spicy as I would have thought it would be. But those who see the word "buffalo flavor" (and like the spicy kick of buffalo wings and such, may be a little disappointed that it was not spicier.

This is a favorable review on this cheese, however, I just think the buffalo flavor seemed a little on the weaker side for me and my husband personally. (It was sort of so weak we would have enjoyed it better WITHOUT any buffalo flavor at all.

It was very smooth, creamy, and melted like a dream! This made a great grilled cheese. I would love to try other types from the Private Selection brand. Thumbs way up for grilled cheese and don't you just love vintage melamine plastic plates with pink roses on them? Who says grilled cheese can't be purdy?

Perdue Oven Ready Chicken (Thanksgiving Meal 2012) Bzz Agent Review

I was able to try the PERDUE OVEN READY Roasted Chicken from BzzAgent. I decided to serve it for my husband and daughter on Thanksgiving, yes, CHICKEN not TURKEY. I put it in the oven as directed and left it to cook in its own bag (with some salt and butter).

About halfway through the cooking process, I added low sodium organic chicken broth into the bag with the chicken and let the broth soak into the chicken. This helped make the already moist chicken even better. I really did not have to do anything to prepare the chicken besides open the bag, put in butter and some salt, bake about 90 minutes, and add broth halfway through. I probably did not even need to add broth as this bag locked in moisture already and the chicken was pre-seasoned. There was little cleanup. (always a plus!)

This simply was the easiest Thanksgiving meal I have made, and it truly was one of the best! It cooked perfectly in the bag and require no prep work whatsoever. The bag locks in the moisture and acts as basting method. I did not have to use a turkey/chicken baster and keep squeezing broth over and over.

The clean up was super easy. I highly recommend this product, and will purchase this in the near future (many times). This will become a staple in our home.

I served it with stuffing, cinnamon apples, handmade cranberry dressing, buttered sweet baby carrots, winter squash, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and yeast rolls. Oh and homemade blackberry cobbler with whipped cream) Are you hungry yet? This meal made my family super happy and super full.

This Perdue Oven Ready Roaster is so simple, even beginner cooks can do this. The chicken was deliciously seasoned, and super tender. This tasted so wonderful, I did not miss having turkey for Thanksgiving at all. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee and Grace Potter and Michael Franti

This post is a review on my latest Bzzagent Campaign of Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee as well as a few short notes about the Grace Potter and Michael Franti Fair Trade source trips. October was Fair Trade Month.

As part of the "Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Pass It On" campaign, Green Mountain Coffee took musician Grace Potter to Colombia and musician Michael Franti to Sumatra to experience firsthand why fair trade means better coffee for consumers and a better life for farmers. This consisted of free concerts and an opportunity to win a trip to Costa Rica. Music was streamed on the facebook pages.

Columbia and Sumantra are two of the many locations where Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified coffee is grown. Fair trade means better treatment and payment to the growers and workers of the coffee. Fair treatment also makes for healthier, happier families of the farmers and workers.

Here is what Grace Potter had to say about her experience: "During my trip to Colombia, I didn't just meet the coffee farmers, I met their children and their families...Fair trade has truly brought a better quality of life to farming communities, from access to education to community development, and meeting with these people really opened my eyes to the impact fair trade has had on their lives." -GMCR

Michael Franti did an online concert for fans of the Green Mountain Coffee Facebook page. Free samples of Fair trade coffee were handed out, and then he talked about his one on one experiences he had with coffee farmers in Sumatra. He wanted to let people know the extreme importance of Fair Trade. I think this was a fantastic way to get the importance of Fair Trade out to the consumers and general public.

What a wonderful message. Now I will provide you details of my experience with brewing and tasting these amazing coffees: My husband and I are coffee lovers in our little country home. (See my picture of holding my coffee at my kitchen window, trying to awaken my sleeping gnome fellow with the beautiful aroma)

We enjoy waking up to the deep rich aroma of a good coffee that envelopes your senses into its arms. Being November, and very cold here, we have a hard time leaving our comfy warm (memory foam specialty type) bed. Our home is 100 years old, with drafty walls and icy cold floors and it is so easy to want to stay in bed on mornings like these. But, we have a 22 month old toddler, and we are waking up at 6 am or 7am, much earlier than my 9 am desiring self wants to awake. :) I need something delicious and potent to coax my sleepy lids to open.

Now entering the kitchen: My Bzzagent campaign from Green Mountain Coffee. This coffee is certified fair trade. Fair Trade means that the growers/workers of the coffee get a fair payment for their hard work that they put into the coffee. Fair Trade also means that these farmers and workers have safer, happier working conditions. Green Mountain is the largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in the world. They are well known for producing high-quality, delicious, and sustainably-sourced coffee.

Now onward to the tasty results: I received 3 packets of coffee to try, each with 4 flavor blends: This was perfect for my husband and I to share and test. Vermont Country Blend is a blend of light and dark roast Fair Trade coffee, a perfect blend to have any time of the day. I am a morning coffee drinker and my husband, well, he likes coffee all day long! I cannot drink coffee in the afternoon or evening as I am a natural insomniac and must limit my caffeine. I enjoy my coffee with lots of whip cream (from a well known easy use red can) and no sugar. My coffee is a light khaki beige color when I am ready to drink it. This particular Vermont blend is absolutely amazing, delightful, and consistently good. Sumatran Fair Trade coffee from Green Mountain Coffee is a bolder, dark roast coffee. It is very bold when served black, but it takes on a milder note with cream and sugar that is wonderful. Colombian Fair Trade Select coffee is a medium roast. My husband loves this coffee as it is milder. We both enjoyed this coffee. He drinks his coffee with "2 creams and 1 splenda packet." The Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee at first made my husband and I puzzled. (and make a disgusted face) Blueberry and coffee? We were quite unsure that this would taste well together. But we were pleasantly surprised! Who knew that blueberries and coffee were such a perfect pairing? I guess it is sort of like the words "salted" and "caramel" ---sounds a bit gross, but when paired together, they are quite yummy! Wild Mountain Blueberry smells delicious! I enjoyed making it, (it may be perhaps my favorite) it made the kitchen smell so sweet and welcoming, like homemade blueberry muffins. It is a light roast coffee with a touch of blueberry flavor. It is amazing with lots of cream and a small bit of sugar.

I wonder if I should try this Blueberry one as an iced drink? (using my well loved, special clear tumbler (previous K-cup campaign) but of course!) I drink iced coffee more than hot coffee--weird I know, considering it is wintertime. I am the same person that orders an ice cream cone at the drive through when it is snowing outside!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have a new bzzagent campaign, it is the Smart Food Selects. I have truly been enjoying bzzagent and have enjoyed trying new products or lesser known products. This month, I reviewed both the pop chips and the puffed corn snacks. Today I am reviewing the pop chips.

These were lightly sweet and crunchy crispy. I wish I was given a big full size bag instead of the tiny trial sized bag. Nutritional wise, these are fantastic. They do not have artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. There is no MSG, and there is zero Trans fat. I do not eat a lot of sweet items, but I am a huge fan of cinnamon sugar treats. I enjoyed this bag while on my laptop, cozy in our bedroom. I did not share. Sorry husband. The Cinnamon pop chips were delicious. They remind me of the cinnamon twists you get at Taco Bell, and oh so very yummy). The great thing about the Smart Food brand is that they are a much healthier option.

These would be a great snack to put out at a party, or to share with a loved one all cozy on the couch watching a movie. :) The ceramic poodles in my bedroom were so very jealous of my tasty snack and I swear they tried to sneak a taste after the photo. I thoroughly enjoyed this bzz campaign of trying Smart Food Selects. My only critique is that this trial bag was so tiny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today I am reviewing the Dentyne Split 2 Fit gum packs.

I have tried all 3 flavors of the gum and would like to share my thoughts.

About a week ago my husband and I were running late to meet some out of town family members. We have found our life is slightly (ok that is an understatement--ha ha) more complicated now that our daughter is a toddler and so we seem to always be in a bit of a rush.

We were all packed into the car when I asked my husband if he brought the gum (I wanted to make sure my breath was nice and fresh and I also wanted something to chew during the 1 hour drive). He did not remember to bring it, and so I had him rush back into the house and get it. I had not specified which flavor so he just grabbed one pack from the 3 choices.

I did not take the time to see what flavor, and just popped 2 pieces into my mouth. I almost spit it completely out! The Artic Chill was so very VERY strong! I would describe it as Listerine flavored.

I do want to mention though, that I timed the flavor strength and it was a good 10 minutes of full blast flavor, the kind that could knock you over. If I previously had any foul or even "not freshly brushed" breath before trying this, it was certainly gone after chewing this! The flavor eventually went back to a normal minty strength within about 15 minutes and the overall flavor lasted about 30 minutes (right about the time when you want to remove gum as it begins to get harder to chew and more bland).

My husband tried the gum after me, and was happy/grateful that I warned him about the intensity. I would have to say that this Artic Chill flavor was my least favorite flavor. I think it should be saved for when you need to blast away offensive breath or when you are seriously worried or concerned that you will have bad breath around someone. It is not to the faint.

My favorite flavor is the spearmint, it is a classic mild sweet mint flavor and reminds me of the gum I used to chew back in highschool.
The peppermint was pretty nice as well and was refreshing.

All 3 seemed to make my mouth feel clean and fresh and the flavors lasted a good 30 minutes. They may have lasted longer than the 30 minutes if I left them in my mouth, but I have always been the type to get tired of chewing after 3o minutes. I get headaches easily.

No onward to the "Split2Fit" design: I realize these "new" gum packets are designed to be convenient and easier than perhaps other types of packs, however, I do not really see the hype of having them split into 2 packs. I also think it is silly to think this slimmer design will make people wear these smaller gum packs in their hats, ponytails, belt loops, or carry them on their daughter's my little pony toys. :)

Being a woman, and a mommy, I always have either a diaper bag or a purse with me or within close proximity, so I could store gum packs of various sizes and shapes. Our family has also put gum packs in the glove compartment of our suv. I do not carry gum in my pockets so the split 2 fit "convenience" does not really assist me personally in any way.

It is a fun idea, and perhaps is more convenient to young kids who do not carry purses or perhaps the male population who carry the essentials such as a cell phone, keys, and gum. My husband and I generally travel together when shopping or visiting friends, so my purse is always close by if he needs gum.

Overall this is a great gum and I was happy to review these flavors. My 2 flamingo salt and pepper shaker friends wanted to be in the picture and give their approval. :)
This month I received another BzzAgent Campaign. We had the opportunity to try the Lavender and Juniper Berry oil diffuser from Glade.

I will provide a quick overview of the product.

Appearance: The oil diffuser with holder is very nice as it blends into the room with a leaf design. The oil is pulled up into the top where the fragrance releases onto the square pad. These work similar to a reed diffuser, but this is nicer in the fact that there is less chance of spilling the liquid out (something very helpful and necessary when you have a busy toddler running around or for pet owners and active play.)The leaf decoration on the front is nice as it gives a natural botanical spa like presence. I thought it was pretty in my daughters room as her room is pink, lime green, white, and chocolate brown. Her bed and changing table are white wood so this matches well. Scent: I chose the Lavender Juniper Berry as it was a clean scent that almost had a baking soda and laundry refresher type fragrance. We put this diffuser in my toddlers nursery on the dresser out of her reach. The room smells like clean laundry and this will keep her diaper pail area fresh.  I am not sure how long this will last or if it will be a noticeable fragrance.

Price: the local grocery store had this listed at $8.49, but we used our free coupon. I am not sure how great of a value this is for the full retail price as I am not sure how long this product will last before needing refilled. I realize it wont be the full $8.49 each time as this price is the starter kit. I think the full price of the starter seems a bit high, perhaps $6 would have been more reasonable in my opinion. If I like using this, I would want to buy several kits to put throughout my home. The price may steer some away, from buying more than one kit. If I did not have the luxury of using a discount / a few dollars off coupon, and had to pay the full $8.49 for each starter kit, and I wanted to buy one for every room of the house, it would be costly at that price. I am liking the product so far in the selected fragrance and appearance. Perhaps they will come out with more designs and colors to match more wider home decor.

UPDATE: I have had this product about 2 weeks and I want to comment on the fragrance. At first I really liked the fragrance as it seemed light and clean, but after 1 night of having it in my toddler's room (door mostly closed) I felt it overpowered the room and was so strong it gave me a headache when I entered the next morning. I was worried it would bother my daughter so I moved it to the guest bathroom. Upon further review of the scent, it seemed to not smell like Lavender or Juniper Berries at all, it smelled of a strong cheap mens musk cologne. I am not in love with the smell. I really would have loved this to smell like Lavender. The scent is lighter now, and less irritating to my nose, however I would not purchase this particular fragrance again. The diffuser itself is lovely, and nice to look at. It seems to release fragrance well. I would have liked a product that smelled like fresh laundry or something crisp and clean. I did end up trying the fragrance mist in Cotton and Italian Mandarin. Sadly this delightful, clean smell does not come in the oil diffuser. My family and I like this scent a lot.

I am including a picture of my daughter's nursery the day we put the (now removed and stinky) Lavender Juniper Berry Glade diffuser on her dresser beside "Lamby" her lamb. Lamby is being a sweet gal and very polite for this picture. However, she told me later that the fragrance was a bit overpowering for her liking, and I agreed.

I do hope the Cotton and Mandarin becomes available as a selection for the scented oil. Perhaps many new scents will arrive in the coming months. I always enjoy warmer winter fragrances such as hot fudge chocolates, buttered caramels, and gingerbreads for the home. Glade, please makes these scents available!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bzz Campaign Progresso Recipe Starters with Garlic Chicken (Pineapple Garlic Chicken with Mashed Butternut Squash and Broccoli)

I was excited to try the Progresso Recipe Starters Sauce in the flavor of Garlic. This sauce has a chicken broth base and has endless possibilities. I decided to make a chicken breast dish with broccoli and winter butternut squash. I had my husband peel and cut up a large butternut squash and cube into large pieces. Once those were finished, I put them in a large pot with salted and buttered water to cook until very soft. I drained the water out of the pot and used a potato mashed and prepared like home style mashed potatoes. I left some chunks of the squash for a nice texture. I added 2 tbs of Philadelphia cream cheese to the mashed squash (spreadable kind). I taste tested the squash and it was amazing. 

I turned the burner on low to keep this warm. Now on to the chicken. I started out with a pan with some butter and oil. I butterflied the thawed chicken breast and added some salt and a ground pepper spice seasoning (mixed spices) and one third of the Garlic Cream sauce. I cooked the chicken until it was golden and well marinated in the spices. I added a small serving of steamed broccoli (leftover from the previous day) to the pan to garnish the chicken and add a splash of color. I added about 5 tbs of crushed canned pineapple. When the chicken was finished and had soaked up the delicious flavors of the garlic pineapple sauce and seasonings, I added another 1/3 of the can of sauce to the chicken. (the last 1/3 I was able to save in a air tight container to enjoy the next day--perhaps to use as a base with chicken broth for a soup for lunch. 

I plated the chicken and poured the garlic pineapple sauce on top. I added some warmed crushed pineapple on top of the chicken breast and added a few pieces of broccoli. I then plated the mashed butternut squash next to the chicken breast. This was a very easy and delicious meal. I served this to my husband and our 19 month old daughter (hers was cut up appropriately as a finger food to prevent choking). 

I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the garlic sauce, as I am not a fan of garlic. This sauce was delicious and not overpowering with garlic. I would try this again with another recipe/dish in the near future. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bzz Campaign Review for Covergirl with Olay Tone Rehab Foundation and Pressed Powder

I have fair skin. When you look at my face you may not think that I would use such a light makeup shade, but I do. I have always had difficulty finding a drugstore color match that did not oxidize into a orange or tan shade on my jaw or chin.

When selecting a new foundation or powder to purchase, I choose shades in Fair, Ivory, or Light. As we all know, every brand and product type, seems to have their own idea and interpretation of what a really *REALLY* light skin tone is named. Lucky for me, the  COVERGIRL & Olay foundation and pressed powder that I was sent, seems to be a great match for me. I have a cool tone, light skin type with pink undertones.

I always have dark circles under my eyes, as I have been an insomniac ever since I can remember. I also am a mommy to a happy and energetic toddler and do not get much sleep during the day to refresh my overall appearance from my lack of nightly shut eye.

The Cover Girl Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation (110 Classic Ivory) is housed in a sleek container and the white ribbon-like Olay Serum is laced though out the product.

When I first opened the product I immediately noticed the refreshing spa-like fragrant and was drawn to the scent. I used sparingly a total of 2 pumps on my entire face. I patted a few dots with my ring finger along my delicate under eye area. I suggest using the ring finger as it has lesser strength than the other fingers and you will not be putting as much weight and tugging of the eye area skin.

I then applied the Cover Girl & Olay pressed powder in 310 Fair. I liked the look of the mirrored compact and it felt nice in my hand. The powder was smooth and set my foundation well.

I can wear this all day, without it rubbing off and my skin stays smooth and soft. I do have naturally oily skin so I was a bit shiny at the end of the day. I would suggest a touch up here and there with the powdered compact to maintain a matte, shine free face. 

I also might recommend a translucent powder to set it further for those with really oily skin. Perhaps Cover Girl and Olay would also do a colorless translucent powder to set the face with after using these.

My overall skin condition: I do have some blemishes from time to time, but my skin is not heavy acne so I am not sure how well the coverage would do for someone who needs to camouflage a lot of blemishes. I do have large pores, these 2 items did make my face look smooth. I do not have any wrinkles so I cannot speak on how well this works for wrinkle prevention.

Overall, I really like the products. I did not have any break outs from the formulations. I have used these for 2 weeks. I normally use Mineral foundations but will continue testing these out. I would love for Cover Girl and Olay to make these same 2 products in a natural pressed mineral compact and mineral foundation.

Bzz Review of UNREAL UNJUNKED candy bars and candy

I was excited to receive my coupons to try the new UNREAL/UNJUNKED candy from BzzAgent. For those of you that do not know about BzzAgent, it is a company that partners with other companies to provide products to consumers (like me) free of charge or at a discount in exchange for their unbiased, honest review. It is based on the wonderful idea of word of mouth marketing.  When I love a product, and I know that it works for me, I tell everyone I know about it. I was sent coupons for free and buy one get one free candies from this exciting company. 

I will review the candy shell with peanuts. These are similar to MM candies but these are quite different for several reasons which I will explain.

First off, the packaging is very bright against a black background and reminds me of something from the PacMan game / or general arcade machine designs/logos from the 80s. It is very retro style neon, and the bright lines say "unreal" upon closer inspection. I would have chosen perhaps something easier to decipher for a label/package design as it is hard to know what type of candy is inside the packaging if you are not familiar with the brand. But I must say, the bright and flashy style did get my attention as it was very unique, and for that reason the company has succeeded.

The packaging weight seemed a bit light, when held in my hand, as if it did not have much candy inside. I think it would be better value for the retail price if there was a bit more product inside.

I tested out the peanut candy shell (similar to mms). I always select candies with peanuts or nuts if given the choice, as I love the crunch and also am just nutty like that. :)

I noticed the colors were much deeper in shade (earth tone), and seemed more natural looking. I looked at the ingredient list was was happy to see that the dyes used were natural food dyes and not those with chemical names. Only natural colors from plants such as cabbages, beets, and turmeric roots. Real cane sugar is used. There is no corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no GMOs (the ingredients aren’t genetically modified), and no preservatives.

The taste of the UNREAL candy was quite nice for a regular chocolate candy bar type (I must admit I am a bit of a chocolate snob and do not each much of the Hershey or similar brand grocery store/convenience store chocolate types--as I am more of a fan of Godiva and other high end types.) I do like Dove chocolate which is easy to find and at a good price. I also am more of a dark or semisweet chocolate gal. I find that dark chocolate is harder to find in regular candy bars, and when found, it is still too sweet for me.

However, on a positive note, I was happy that this UNREAL brand did not taste as sweet as regular chocolate candy. I enjoyed testing / tasting / (finishing the package) this candy. Removing the high fructose corn syrup from the candy ingredient list makes for a healthier option, and makes it easier for those who are trying to remove that particular ingredient from their lifestyle. I have a few friends who have decided to refrain from the high fructose corn syrup in their diets. I did not notice an after taste or "diet food taste" from these candies. I do know however that these are not diet candies, and they do have comparable fat content to other chocolate candies. Those watching their weight or those on a diet will need to realize that these are not health food and are meant to be a treat in moderation and should not over indulge.

For improvements or suggestions, I would love for the company to come out with dark or semisweet chocolate versions of these. I plan to try the peanut butter cup kind next and will try all of the other UNREAL candies soon. I have since told others about this new and unique candy and have shared a few coupons. 

I was happy to test this candy out. Thank you to Bzzagent for my coupons for both the free and buy one get one free coupons to try this new and exciting brand. 

Want more info about this new candy? Visit:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bzz Campaign: Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

The Bzz: Thoughts on the diaper samples I received in my BzzAgent Kit. (Although we cloth diaper full time, my review will be unbiased and I will review in the eyes and thoughts of a mommy that would need or want to purchase disposables.) Not all brands work for everyone. I will discuss positives and negatives, if you have tried these, please give your honest opinion. :)

For my first Campaign, I received a coupon for a free jumbo pack of Huggies Slip-Ons Little Movers. I also received several $2 off coupons to pass out to family, friends, and anyone I thought who might benefit from a coupon. So we went to Kroger this week and used the coupon for free JUMBO pack (26 diapers) of Huggies Slip-Ons Little Movers disposable diapers. I was amazed that the diapers were FREE. Kroger had them regular price at $10.49 and on sale for $9. I needed a few other items I needed from my shopping list (ok so I did not REALLY need a new drugstore mascara, but hey it WAS on SALE for $5 and it was one I had used in the past and liked.....(I digress....) and went through the checkout and gave the coupon to the cashier. The cashier was a bit surprised at my awesome coupon, and so I briefly "bzz-ed" about how I got it.....Before checking out, I was concerned that the coupon would not work, but it went smoothly and was FREE. Nice.

As you all know, we full time cloth diaper, (Bum Genius 4.0 snaps one size pocket diapers--awesome well made, and CUTE diapers...a review on those to come) but we do like to have a few disposables on hand if we are going to be traveling on the road and wont be able to wash diapers. (We currently travel WITH cloth diapers and do great, when we stay at hotels and can use a washer.)

I also figured that since Waverly is more mobile, and BzzAgent sent me a free diaper pack coupon, I thought we would try them. I have always thought highly of Huggies, they are a brand to be trusted. We do keep their wipes on hand for various uses, (for when we must use disposable, and when we are not using cloth wipes) and have used their baby wash and lotions on occasion, although I try to use BabyGanics (I heart them!) or some other more natural product when possible (I am becoming quite the crunchy mama...

Now onward to the diaper review. As the commercials and packaging implies and states, they are quite EASY TO PUT ON. I do have to say that they are easy to pull up when you have a baby that likes to play and roll when you change her. (WB) I put each one of her 2 cute little legs in the openings, (after kissing a dimpled knee or two) and pulled them up to the knees, then stood her up on the changing table, and pulled them the rest of the way over her little bottom. The leg elastic seemed comfortable, while seemingly fitting snug against her legs with minimal gaps. The leg openings do not look like they will leave marks.

FIT, SIZE SELECTION DECENT, BUT NOT PERFECT. The size we got was size 3, for babies of 16-28 lbs. Our little Waverly is a petite and slender girl. She is 13 1/2 months, but weighs in barely 18 lbs. These did feel quite loose around the waist, which makes me worry that there will be a leak in our future. I did like the fact that these diapers do have quick release taps in the event of a messy diaper that needs removing. The tabs on the sides are a reusable sticky, similar to a hook and loop. Sadly they (the tabs) seem a bit short and do not make it possible to tighten the diaper much for a close fit on a slim baby.

THE LOOK. The diapers were cute, they had Tigger on them. Honestly the print does not matter when comparing diapers, but when I was selecting the diapers at the store, I really was wishing there was a more girly print. Secretly I was hoping for Disney princesses, cute little butterflies, something with flowers or pink prints. (more for mommy's benefit--I am such a GIRL) Obviously the Tigger print is gender neutral so that works.

NO LEAKS SO FAR. As far as leaks, these seem to do fine so far. We are testing them at night right now for the testing phase (but not during the day). Our little one sleeps a good 11 hours. She had no leaking this morning when we changed her.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG...As for the name "Little Movers, Slip-Ons" they do live up to the fact that they seem to make it easy for a baby to stand, crawl, bend, and do all sorts of activities. Our little Waverly is not walking yet, but stands almost constantly and then falls on her bottom, speed crawls across the floor, and them pulls up to standing position on any item that she can balance on (doll house, chair, sofa, tv stand, etc.)

THE FINAL THOUGHT. The diaper itself seems like a good product, and our family does trust the Huggies brand, however If I was not a cloth diapering mommy, and needed a disposable diaper, I would not purchase these myself  at least not unless they were in a snugger, smaller size. I find myself worrying that they will have a leak or slip down any day now in the testing phase. As gross as it sounds, even with her current diapers she seems to find a way to accidentally drop cheerios down her diaper when they miss her mouth, and with the gaps at the waist in the slip-ons, I am sure to find a cheerio down in the diaper soon perhaps at the next change. I think the 16-28 lbs. is a huge size difference when you are not able to tighten the diapers. I am happy that I was able to test these out and will continue testing these out until the package is finished. We will  continue to cloth diaper as it works well for us budget wise, comfort-wise for Waverly Belle, and overall is healthier for limiting waste in landfills.

HOW TO IMPROVE. Perhaps my opinion will improve in the next few days of testing. These would work best if the size 3 was perhaps 22-28lbs and if there was a (smaller) size 2 (currently there is not) at 16-21 lbs. Also these would work better if the tabs made the fit tighter. Perhaps girly prints... :)

And there we have it, a review.