Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bzz Campaign: Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

The Bzz: Thoughts on the diaper samples I received in my BzzAgent Kit. (Although we cloth diaper full time, my review will be unbiased and I will review in the eyes and thoughts of a mommy that would need or want to purchase disposables.) Not all brands work for everyone. I will discuss positives and negatives, if you have tried these, please give your honest opinion. :)

For my first Campaign, I received a coupon for a free jumbo pack of Huggies Slip-Ons Little Movers. I also received several $2 off coupons to pass out to family, friends, and anyone I thought who might benefit from a coupon. So we went to Kroger this week and used the coupon for free JUMBO pack (26 diapers) of Huggies Slip-Ons Little Movers disposable diapers. I was amazed that the diapers were FREE. Kroger had them regular price at $10.49 and on sale for $9. I needed a few other items I needed from my shopping list (ok so I did not REALLY need a new drugstore mascara, but hey it WAS on SALE for $5 and it was one I had used in the past and liked.....(I digress....) and went through the checkout and gave the coupon to the cashier. The cashier was a bit surprised at my awesome coupon, and so I briefly "bzz-ed" about how I got it.....Before checking out, I was concerned that the coupon would not work, but it went smoothly and was FREE. Nice.

As you all know, we full time cloth diaper, (Bum Genius 4.0 snaps one size pocket diapers--awesome well made, and CUTE diapers...a review on those to come) but we do like to have a few disposables on hand if we are going to be traveling on the road and wont be able to wash diapers. (We currently travel WITH cloth diapers and do great, when we stay at hotels and can use a washer.)

I also figured that since Waverly is more mobile, and BzzAgent sent me a free diaper pack coupon, I thought we would try them. I have always thought highly of Huggies, they are a brand to be trusted. We do keep their wipes on hand for various uses, (for when we must use disposable, and when we are not using cloth wipes) and have used their baby wash and lotions on occasion, although I try to use BabyGanics (I heart them!) or some other more natural product when possible (I am becoming quite the crunchy mama...

Now onward to the diaper review. As the commercials and packaging implies and states, they are quite EASY TO PUT ON. I do have to say that they are easy to pull up when you have a baby that likes to play and roll when you change her. (WB) I put each one of her 2 cute little legs in the openings, (after kissing a dimpled knee or two) and pulled them up to the knees, then stood her up on the changing table, and pulled them the rest of the way over her little bottom. The leg elastic seemed comfortable, while seemingly fitting snug against her legs with minimal gaps. The leg openings do not look like they will leave marks.

FIT, SIZE SELECTION DECENT, BUT NOT PERFECT. The size we got was size 3, for babies of 16-28 lbs. Our little Waverly is a petite and slender girl. She is 13 1/2 months, but weighs in barely 18 lbs. These did feel quite loose around the waist, which makes me worry that there will be a leak in our future. I did like the fact that these diapers do have quick release taps in the event of a messy diaper that needs removing. The tabs on the sides are a reusable sticky, similar to a hook and loop. Sadly they (the tabs) seem a bit short and do not make it possible to tighten the diaper much for a close fit on a slim baby.

THE LOOK. The diapers were cute, they had Tigger on them. Honestly the print does not matter when comparing diapers, but when I was selecting the diapers at the store, I really was wishing there was a more girly print. Secretly I was hoping for Disney princesses, cute little butterflies, something with flowers or pink prints. (more for mommy's benefit--I am such a GIRL) Obviously the Tigger print is gender neutral so that works.

NO LEAKS SO FAR. As far as leaks, these seem to do fine so far. We are testing them at night right now for the testing phase (but not during the day). Our little one sleeps a good 11 hours. She had no leaking this morning when we changed her.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG...As for the name "Little Movers, Slip-Ons" they do live up to the fact that they seem to make it easy for a baby to stand, crawl, bend, and do all sorts of activities. Our little Waverly is not walking yet, but stands almost constantly and then falls on her bottom, speed crawls across the floor, and them pulls up to standing position on any item that she can balance on (doll house, chair, sofa, tv stand, etc.)

THE FINAL THOUGHT. The diaper itself seems like a good product, and our family does trust the Huggies brand, however If I was not a cloth diapering mommy, and needed a disposable diaper, I would not purchase these myself  at least not unless they were in a snugger, smaller size. I find myself worrying that they will have a leak or slip down any day now in the testing phase. As gross as it sounds, even with her current diapers she seems to find a way to accidentally drop cheerios down her diaper when they miss her mouth, and with the gaps at the waist in the slip-ons, I am sure to find a cheerio down in the diaper soon perhaps at the next change. I think the 16-28 lbs. is a huge size difference when you are not able to tighten the diapers. I am happy that I was able to test these out and will continue testing these out until the package is finished. We will  continue to cloth diaper as it works well for us budget wise, comfort-wise for Waverly Belle, and overall is healthier for limiting waste in landfills.

HOW TO IMPROVE. Perhaps my opinion will improve in the next few days of testing. These would work best if the size 3 was perhaps 22-28lbs and if there was a (smaller) size 2 (currently there is not) at 16-21 lbs. Also these would work better if the tabs made the fit tighter. Perhaps girly prints... :)

And there we have it, a review.


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