Friday, February 27, 2015

Screen Protector intelliGLASS for IPAD 2/3/4 Review

I have an IPAD2 that I have kept safe and protected since I bought it about 3 years ago. It still looks the same since I keep it in a thick real leather case. I always bring along my cleaning cloth as I am particular about not having fingerprints on the screen. I was given the opportunity to review a real glass screen protector from intelliGLASS company.  The company makes screen protectors for a variety of smart phones, ipads, and other devices.  I have luckily never dropped my IPAD, but accidents are called accidents for a reason, as they are not planned, so I like to protect my investment as best as I can.

The intelliGLASS is a 0.33 MM screen protector that adheres to your device and protects against scratches and damage without sacrificing a clear and responsive touch screen.  Now, I am sure some people will test this out to the fullest and perhaps drop their device on  concrete or blacktop (on purpose) from a high level or take keys or a screw driver or something to test out the durability, but in the slight chance that this did not hold up to that damage or stress of those tests, I did not try that.  I did put this on my IPAD and is was an easy process and seems to be working well.  I have tried the plastic protectors on my previous smart phones and would end up removing them as they were either extremely distracting or looked cheap and bubbled.  I am not perfect at applying these type of things so did have to take some extra effort and time than the normal person.  I would say it was a "Bubble free installation" and I was able to get it on the first time, but am happy that it is said to be adjustable.  The included tools are very helpful, the squeegee card works similar to a credit card  (which is what I have used in the past for these protectors.

I liked the packaging the kit comes in, as it looks classy and high end.  The case that protects the glass screen is sturdy and there was no damage to my screen in shipping.  

Each intelliGLASS kit includes:

Touch screen cleaner
Dust removal tape
Microfiber Cloth
Squeegee Card
intelliARMOR home buttons (do not work with fingerprint scanners)
Retail Packaging

To put this on your device it is suggested to wash your hands thoroughly, which is something I do before I touch my IPAD and real leather case anyway (yes, every time).  Then you use the included alcohol  wipe, and "scrub" your screen (gently but thoroughly).  Then you use the micofiber cloth to dry and further clean the screen.  I really was impressed with having the dust removal sticky tape, as I have not had one of those included in a screen protector kit (of course my previous kits were cheapy ones that cost around $3-$7 total after shipping.) The you are ready to apply the protector.  Align the sticky side against the phone and make sure the button and edges are all aligned.  You then wrap the squeegee inside the microfiber cloth.  I am happy they suggest this as it is gentle yet still effective.  I did not use or feel I needed to use the button stickers. 

I unfortunately do not have a picture of this on my IPAD 2, I only have these boxed pictures with me (were on my cell phone and taken before the application of the screen protector) as we are stuck away from home this week in a hotel (which I sadly do not have my IPAD with me) due to our water pipes in our home freezing in this crazy unpredictable weather,  and then bursting under the house (our home is nearly 100 years old and put together wonky and poorly insulated) and causing some headaches as you can imagine.  Please bear with me as I use mainly stock pics for this post.

You can learn more about the intelliARMOR / intelliGLASS company by visiting them on their website and following them on Facebook and Twitter.  

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts Review

I was sent a bag of 100% Pure Dead Sea Bath Salt from Adovia and Cleopatra's Choice.   The salt comes in a generous sized resealable bag and is gentle yet effective.  I have been loving Adovia products for the past year and have only found one out of the long list of products that did not completely wow me. (it was a shampoo that had sulfates and I am sulfate free)  This salt soak is quite lovely and what I like about it is that it is simple to use.  Unlike bath products seen on the shelves of many retail stores, this is  without any additives, scents, color, or harsh chemical ingredients.  It does not have fake or strong scents that could irritate your senses or skin.  If you want to add a scent to it while in the bath, you can easily add an essential oil, which not only smells better than the fake chemical fragrances, the essential oils have benefits as well.

I have dry skin in the winter time, and since our house is always drafty (being nearly 100 years old and poorly insulated) I take extremely hot showers.  These showers feel fantastic on a cold day, but destroy my skin.  My legs, stomach, and chest especially get completely dry and irritated.   Then of course I become itchy and scratch my skin, which increases irritation.  The Adovia bath salts soften skin and contain over 26 essential minerals, which are nourishing to skin.

Adovia products contain the dead sea salt and mud harvested directly from the Dead Sea.  These mineral salts contain just 100% pure sea salt and will turn your bath into a luxurious skin healing spa without the high cost of a spa treatment.  You can do this in the comfort of your own home and add whatever essential oils (tea tree, manuka, lavender, etc.) to the bath and salt water, and after rinsing and towel drying, finish with a carrier oil (jojoba, argan oil, calendula, etc) for a skin treat.

Benefits and uses of these Adovia salts are:

  • Effective relief from Eczema and Psoriasis symptoms
  • Eases the pain of Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  • Relieves the pain of sports and other injuries
  • Exfoliates, soothes and softens dry skin
  • Relaxes and energizes the body to relieve symptoms of stress and insomnia
Besides having dry skin on my legs, stomach and chest, my heels of my feet are often not the smoothest.  I have been trying a battery operated callous remover and heel smoother (incredible invention by the way) and these salts pair wonderfully when used during the week of my heel and foot exfoliation.  This makes a fantastic foot soak.  I do not have a picture of my using this in my foot spa, but this is what our foot bath looks like.  My husband uses it often as he is on his feet non stop with his job and I used it a lot when I was pregnant.  I now use it every few weeks to soften my feet and relieve foot pain and strain.   I fill it with water and the Adovia salt and it has a heat and bubbling action.  I had previously been using Epsom salts in my tub and foot soaks.

I really like the Adovia bath salts, they make my skin feel soft and much smoother.  I like how they contain so many skin benefits and how they are natural.  the crystals are large but melt and dissolve into the tub water easily when mixed into the warm water.

You can find these on Amazon or  For more information, you can connect with Adovia on their facebook page.  You can connect with Cleopatra's Choice on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bear On The Chair Positive Parenting Toy Review

My daughter just recently turned 4 this month.  I had heard all about the "Terrible Twos" and was warned about them, but surprisingly we skipped 2 and 3 year old behavioral problems.  But just about the last 2 months or so of age 3, she started getting a whiney, screaming, non listening tantrum personality which would be even worse when we were in public and usually in the most inconvenient places and times.  Randomly my previously sweet and well behaved, polite child would get in her mind to go limp (when we were holding her hand) and start laughing while rolling around on the floor of a nice, somewhat higher end store in the mall. Sometimes she decides to whine and fuss (very loudly) when we ask her to go to the potty when we are out in public (she is potty trained but lately gets too busy or distracted to stop and go to the potty that she will have an wetting accident).  At home, she neglects to put away her toys after making an incredible mess in the livingroom (where she has her toy bins).  Bedtime is often a major chore.   It is a constant struggle to tell her to pick up her toys, go potty, brush her teeth and get in bed so we can then read to her and tuck her in.  She likes the reading and tucking part, but the process to get to that part is nearly impossible to accomplish before 9:30 pm, with her actual bedtime being 8:00 pm. 

We are against spanking and have decided that we will parent and discipline our children in other ways, which to be honest does become difficult to get creative in our disciplinary actions, while being effective.  We have tried a sticker chart in the past which worked well for a week or 2 and then she would get stickers from other people randomly (church or the grocery store) when not in the context of chores / rewards, and so the stickers for doing good behavior on the chart did not work anymore.

Sadly my husband and I have become worn down, exhausted and frustrated with her increased lack of obedience and listening, and often raise our voice more often than we should.  I have found that it really does not accomplish anything other than only making her raise her own voice back at us, and mirror our behavior and frustration. 

I was given the opportunity to review a teaching tool for positive reinforcement and structure  from a up in coming company, Bear on the Chair.  This is focused on a stuffed bear, a good behavior buddy which helps parents reinforce positive behaviors in their children. Invented by the founder's then 6 year old daughter, the
Bear On The Chair is designed as a positive reinforcement tool for children. The product features a soft cuddly teddy bear, a white picket country inspired chair and a booklet which explains the Bear On The Chair story.  The set comes with 'happy' and 'sad' face patches which can be attached directly onto the Bear's simple white T-shirt.  The patches are a sturdy felt material and use the colors yellow and red which help children connect those 2 emotions with the corresponding color. 

This is a great tool for positive parenting techniques and helps the young child learn right actions from wrong actions.  They learn to desire to please "bear" and mommy and daddy and not just do the good deed or behavior to get a prize.  Children innately want to be good and want to please.  The Bear On The Chair is a fantastic tool in our home as we are working with her daily on specific goals such as Brushing Teeth, Listening, Obeying, Cleaning up Toys, and Potty Training.

Children name their bear right away and  with their parent, visit the Bear On The Chair website to register their new friend and behavior buddy, then print out his/her adoption certificate.  We agreed on Sammy for our bear's name and although my daughter still is having some issues with whining and listening, things are slowly improving.  It has only been a month, and so I imagine that the best test will be how she has improved say, 6 months from now.

I really like this program, and feel it will work for several age groups of children.  I think that little ones as young as 2 could understand this Bear on the Chair concept to some extent.   I am excited to see her become more in tune with this system and become attached to her friend, desiring to make him happy.  He sits on the mantle in our living room as she plays each day.  Sometimes we put him on a lower eye level to her. 
Reinforce positive behavior examples:

Brushing Teeth                           Cleaning Room        
Potty Training                              Eating Healthy
Sharing                                        ASD and Autism therapy
Obedience                                   Listening
Learning Honesty (not lying)     Not Whining / Speaking Politely and Calm

Bear On The Chair  includes:

(1) White shirt with Velcro circle patch,(1) White plastic chair (easy wipe-able cleaning), (1) Yellow Smiley Face, (1) Red Frown Face, (1) Story book

Bear sitting in chair combined dimensions:

 7" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 9.5" (H)

Connect with the Bear on the Chair company by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Would you like to get one for your little one or a little one you know?  Bear On The Chair is offering my readers 15% off their purchase by using the code:


*I was sent one Bear from the Bear On The Chair company for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee for Nespresso Brewers, Yrgacheffe Review / GIVEAWAY

My husband and I love coffee and it is a bit of a necessity for me in the mornings to perk up a bit when 2 little ones wake this late-night blogger mommy up early in the morning.  :) I was sent some pod coffee from the Two Rivers Company.  The brand I have been trying is Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee and it came in a 10 pack of individual pods.  The flavor / type I was sent was called "Yrgacheffe" which is a floral accented variety with citrus and Jasmine notes.  The Cap Mundo coffee is compatible with the Nespresso machine, but is not affiliated with the Nestle Foods Inc Nespresso brand in any way.  If you do not have a Nespresso machine but have a love for coffee and all things unique and fantastic, then go ahead and take the pod apart and put it in your refillable universal kcup pod.  (You have one of those don't you? If you don't you really need one.  Unfortunately the Keurig 2.0 does not make that possible, but others such as the Platinum work well.)

Back to the awesome coffee pod.  :) The coffee is of nice quality and has been roasted using a slow roasting  process without being over-roasted. This green coffee mocha is grown on the Southern Ethiopian highlands.  This is a unique coffee with a lovely lavish aroma with hints of jasmine. I drink a lot of Jasmine tea so having it in coffee is something surprising and new for me.  I liked it but as with all coffee, I tend to change it a bit with my love of milk and cream.  I am not a coffee connoisseur and would probably stress most coffee purists as I never drink my coffee black or simple.  I do not put sugar in my coffee, but I do make it more of a beige color and enjoy it with lots of milk. 

These little coffee capsules are individually wrapped in their own package which makes me feel extra luxurious having my own nicely wrapped pod.  Each pod is made of black plastic with foil tops, with venting holes at the bottom of each pod.  I read some reviews before making my cup and since a few people said this tasted a little on the weak side, I used a bit less water for my cup and then I added my milk. 

I liked the coffee and find it to taste great with some vanilla cream and milk.  The box is interesting as it has several languages on it for the description.

*The company sent me 1 box of Cap Mundo for this review, this is my honest opinion.

Would you like a chance to try this coffee? One of my readers will win a 10 pack of Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee for Nespresso Brewers, Yrgacheffe. Please make sure to add your name, shipping, phone number and email to the personal question box so that I can enter this to the company if you win. This info is only used for winner submission. ENDS March 2nd, 2015.

Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee for Nespresso Brewers, Yrgacheffe Review / GIVEAWAY

Ageless Derma Intensive Skin Brightener Reviewed

I have been using another fantastic Ageless Derma beauty product this past month. It is lightweight anti-aging, skin clearing and brightening cream. My skin stays pretty clear most of the time, but the area I have the most trouble with is my chin. I will get a red blemish about 1-2 times per month and it often stays a red mark for several days. I do attempt to conceal them, however it does not due much good if they aren't treated as well. The cream is called Ageless Derma Intensive Skin Brightener.

I really like the container it comes in and how it dispenses product.  Ageless Derma uses an airless pump jar that is unlike any other airless pump I have used, well except for my Ageless Derma Stem Cell Anti-aging Cream which also has this container as well.  I find that this unique pump is super easy to use, keeps the product fresh, travels easily (and does not get product on anything).  I also really like the plastic lid.  It snaps on securely and I never worry about the product getting other items messy or leaking.  The beauty creams that come in this type of pump are always fresh and potent.  I think it looks attractive on my dresser and on par with the cost and quality of the product.

The cream comes out the top when the white platform like top is pressed down.  The product is a beige  color and I only need 2-3 pumps to cover my entire face and my neck.  The fragrance is light and absorbs quickly.  I like how the ingredients are botanical and root extracts along with Niacin and niacinamide, which are forms of Vitamin B3 and wonderful for beautiful and clear skin.  The top quality ingredients used in this product are intended to lighten the skin without any harmful side effects.  I have not had any problem with oily skin, dry skin, irritation., or break outs.  I do want to mention that skin may be more sensitive to sunlight and you should always use a mid to high range SPF.  I find it best for me personally to layer my SPF with my various beauty creams and then top with my SPF natural makeup products.

I like the products I have seen and tried so far with this company.  Their makeup is fantastic.  I have tired the concealer and the foundation powder.  I find them to be full coverage for me. Ageless Derma Anti-Aging products contain high concentrations of Retinol, peptides, green tea extracts, vitamins, apple stem cells, antioxidants and organic ingredients.  I like how they are paraben free and do not test on animals. 

I have only been using this product for a little over 3 weeks, but I think it is a great cream and I hope to see some improvement in my chin area red marks, as well as under my eye area where I have bad dark circles.  My dark circles are an ongoing problem due to lack of proper sleep and being hereditary.

*I was sent a container of this product for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kitten Makeup Brushes By Bella and Bear: 15 piece set Reveiwed

I love trying new beauty products and tools and so when I was offered the opportunity to review a makeup set from Bella & Bear I eagerly accepted.  I have been trying out these brushes for a few weeks and I like them a lot.  I really like this brand as they pay attention to detail.  Now I know I wont be applying makeup with a cardboard box, however, having the box packaging be pretty, feminine, and have a retro vintage flair to it, really makes these sets extra special.  The brand houses their beauty items in pretty packaging that has a Tiffany blue green background, polka dots, and a floral pattern that I just love.  Their items always are ready for gift giving and will wow the receiver.

The Bella & Bear Kitten brush set comes in a nice case.  This is a faux leather hard zipper case that has a silver tone heart zipper pull.  The zipper glides smoothly and has the satisfying sound that a nice quality zipper should make.  The case is lovely and has an embossed logo for Bella & Bear.  Inside you will find the brushes stored in book form with plastic coverings to protect them from becoming misshapen.  I love how they all have cat names (see the description picture) which is also heart warming because the company donates a percentage of their sales to the protection of the big cats around the world that are endangered.  

It is nice to see a company take pride in making their items extra special and unique.  I like how the brushes are organized by type in the case.  I have a lot of brush sets as I am a makeup enthusiast.  This is the only set I have that is a zippered hard portfolio case.  I have many roll up snap or tie up cases which are nice, but they do not protect or store quite like this set.  This case is perfect for a makeup artist who is always traveling, or just a regular gal like me who likes her brushes well cared for and neatly stored.

This set uses a mixture of  brush hair types: Horse, Goat and Synthetic Hair for the softest feel on your face.   I prep my face with Vitamin C / Hyaluronic Acid serum mixed with a little Royal Jelly serum and then apply an anti-wrinkle cream (1-2 pumps) all over my face and neck.  I then apply Tarte Brightening Primer or Bare Minerals Brightening Primer all over and follow up with an application of my Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream on a wet Beauty Blender.  Sometimes I use a foundation brush to apply.

Here is how I used this brush set.  I use the Linx (flat kabuki) brush the most as I apply mineral powders everyday to my face.  This brush works well for me to use with liquid foundation or my BB cream, or I can use it with my mineral powder.  I use the Leopard (tapered brush) brush on my cheek bones when I apply my Tarte cheek powder/cream brush.  

I really like the Marbled Cat (short shader brush) I use this for my eyeshadow more than any of the other shadow brushes in the set.  The short height of this brush and the density of the bristles gives me control and packs on nice pigment.  I normally only use 1-2 eyeshadow shades at a time due to time constraints with a 4 year old and 10 month old at home.  I used to go all out with application of several shades for more interesting makeup looks, but now I need more simple styles that can be applied quickly.  I do find that the blending brushes (Jaguarundy, Sand Cat / Small Tapered and Bornean Bay Cat / Tapered Blending) are definitely useful as I am not the best at blending my shadows in a skilled way.

I really like the lip brush as it is thick, dense, and case a handy holder/storage tube stick.  I like how the lid/tube case protects other items from getting messy if I am not able to clean my lipstick or glaze off the brush immediately.  I only wear 2 colors normally, (either bright red or fuschia hot pink, and whatever color I wear is usually for a month straight before I go to the other shade.  So my lip brush stays used by the same color for extended periods of time.  I kind of get in a mood for one of the 2 shades and then use it daily for a month, then switch to the other shade. :)

The brushes are listed as non shedding and I did not have much of a problem with shedding except for the Tiger one (largest fluffy brush, non tapered and the Leopard brush that I use for blush).  I find that every time I use these 2 brushes they leave short tiny hairs on my face which is unfortunate as I love the size and overall functions of these 2 brushes. 

I am always excited about concealer brushes.  I really like the yellow/orange one in the set called the Golden Cat.  I find it works well under my eyes for covering my dark circles and around my nose.  I use a creamy salmon peachy pink shade to conceal as it seems to help with counteracting the bluish tones.  The Fishing Cat brush is what I used for smoking out a little dark shadow on my lower lashes.  It is a flat defining eye lining brush and is the perfect density for my needs.  I do not use the skinny lining brush at all as I use a black felt tipped eye liner (Stila Stay All Day liner). 

There are a nice assortment of brushes in this set, and more than I have mentioned.  I noticed there was not a spoolie  brush, fan brush or eyebrow grooming brush which is fine as those are in pretty much every set I have and I never use those.

I like these brushes and find the set is convenient for travel (the stiff portfolio type case, size and shape are sturdy and will not crush).  The overall quality of the set is nice for my personal use.  I am not a makeup artist or professional in any way.  The set is currently on sale for $75 which makes these $5 each brush.  I see that the retail cost of these brushes before the sale is $120.  I would not be able to pay that price, however the $5 each for the brush, along with the fantastic case is a great deal for a set like this. 

If you are on the search for a nice set, this one might suit your fancy.  The handles are smooth and comfortable to hold.  This set is so pretty and would make a wonderful gift.  This is available on Amazon

Here is how I used the set. I lined my eyes with my felt tipped eyeliner, but the rest of the look was done using the Bella & Bear Kitten set.  I am wearing under eye cream concealer, eye liner, mascara, eyeshadow, BB cream, mineral veil powder, blush, and lipstick. 

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