Friday, February 27, 2015

Screen Protector intelliGLASS for IPAD 2/3/4 Review

I have an IPAD2 that I have kept safe and protected since I bought it about 3 years ago. It still looks the same since I keep it in a thick real leather case. I always bring along my cleaning cloth as I am particular about not having fingerprints on the screen. I was given the opportunity to review a real glass screen protector from intelliGLASS company.  The company makes screen protectors for a variety of smart phones, ipads, and other devices.  I have luckily never dropped my IPAD, but accidents are called accidents for a reason, as they are not planned, so I like to protect my investment as best as I can.

The intelliGLASS is a 0.33 MM screen protector that adheres to your device and protects against scratches and damage without sacrificing a clear and responsive touch screen.  Now, I am sure some people will test this out to the fullest and perhaps drop their device on  concrete or blacktop (on purpose) from a high level or take keys or a screw driver or something to test out the durability, but in the slight chance that this did not hold up to that damage or stress of those tests, I did not try that.  I did put this on my IPAD and is was an easy process and seems to be working well.  I have tried the plastic protectors on my previous smart phones and would end up removing them as they were either extremely distracting or looked cheap and bubbled.  I am not perfect at applying these type of things so did have to take some extra effort and time than the normal person.  I would say it was a "Bubble free installation" and I was able to get it on the first time, but am happy that it is said to be adjustable.  The included tools are very helpful, the squeegee card works similar to a credit card  (which is what I have used in the past for these protectors.

I liked the packaging the kit comes in, as it looks classy and high end.  The case that protects the glass screen is sturdy and there was no damage to my screen in shipping.  

Each intelliGLASS kit includes:

Touch screen cleaner
Dust removal tape
Microfiber Cloth
Squeegee Card
intelliARMOR home buttons (do not work with fingerprint scanners)
Retail Packaging

To put this on your device it is suggested to wash your hands thoroughly, which is something I do before I touch my IPAD and real leather case anyway (yes, every time).  Then you use the included alcohol  wipe, and "scrub" your screen (gently but thoroughly).  Then you use the micofiber cloth to dry and further clean the screen.  I really was impressed with having the dust removal sticky tape, as I have not had one of those included in a screen protector kit (of course my previous kits were cheapy ones that cost around $3-$7 total after shipping.) The you are ready to apply the protector.  Align the sticky side against the phone and make sure the button and edges are all aligned.  You then wrap the squeegee inside the microfiber cloth.  I am happy they suggest this as it is gentle yet still effective.  I did not use or feel I needed to use the button stickers. 

I unfortunately do not have a picture of this on my IPAD 2, I only have these boxed pictures with me (were on my cell phone and taken before the application of the screen protector) as we are stuck away from home this week in a hotel (which I sadly do not have my IPAD with me) due to our water pipes in our home freezing in this crazy unpredictable weather,  and then bursting under the house (our home is nearly 100 years old and put together wonky and poorly insulated) and causing some headaches as you can imagine.  Please bear with me as I use mainly stock pics for this post.

You can learn more about the intelliARMOR / intelliGLASS company by visiting them on their website and following them on Facebook and Twitter.  

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