Sunday, March 1, 2015

Syono Full Length Orthotic Inserts and Insoles Review

My husband works in a busy hotel restaurant as the manager, however does not have the normal cushy manager duties that I have seen in many restaurants (casually walking to each table, greeting guests and occasionally refilling drinks). He only has 2 waitstaff (at most---sometimes it is just him and one other) during a busy meal shift (due to the hotel not hiring more employees for his department) and so he is not only the manager, but he is also a host, waiter, bus boy, garbage man, room service delivery service, and more. He gets a lot of miles in his shoes and his current insoles were horrifying (I neglected to take a picture before throwing them out, but they were pretty worn and disintegrated in areas). They previous ones also were more of a soft foam material and without structure. I personally like memory foam inserts and my holy grail of inserts and the only ones I like were discontinued years ago (they were some from Dr Scholl's and a memory foam air step kind). I am not sure the brand my husband had in his shoes but they were not very good and he hated them.

When these arrived, I personal thought they were very stiff and that they might hurt his feet. I also was thinking he may need to break them in. I put them in his shoes (we got him the XL) and we were happy to see that they did not need any trimming, however they are easy to trim along the guide if needed. I had forgotten to ask him about the Syono insoles for a few days and wondered how they were feeling on his feet. He had absolutely no complaints about them and he said he forgot that they were new (which says to me, that there was no breaking in period or painful rubbing). He says he likes how structured they are and says they are perfect for him and his need for support along his entire foot. They have vented holes at the area under the foot pad to allow for the feet to breathe and this keeps his feet cooler and less smelly. :) He likes the padded support at the heel as he often has the most pain at his heels.

These insoles are for those suffering from pain in the foot, arch, and heel, as well as individuals seeking something with additional arch support and comfort. My husband speed walks on hard concrete floors non stop for up to 12 hour days. He says that these insoles help with providing a buffer and support his entire foot. He does have a bit of Overpronation, which is excessive inward rolling of the foot after landing.

Individuals with Flat feet, Fallen arches and even High arches, can feel relief. The insoles are designed to distribute and minimize pressure in the foot by providing additional arch support. These are excellent for shock absorption and my husband has had less foot and heel pain.

Every pair is TRIM TO FIT and can be adjusted down an additional two sizes.  My husband wears a mens 11 1/2 shoe and the XL was a perfect fit and did not need any trimming.  He wears these in his semi dressy work shoes. 

XS - 6-7
S - 7-8
M - 8-9
L - 9-11
XL - 11-12

They appear well made and have held up well for about 2 weeks so far. *A sample pair of insoles was received for review, however this is our honest account of the insoles.

These are available on Amazon.

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