Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby Love Maya Food Pouch set: Review

We were sent some baby food pouches from Baby Love Maya brand. I was sent 8 generously sized (7 oz) food pouches and each had its own baby safe cap. The pouches have a self standing bottom that immediately flattens upon the first few spoonfuls of baby food. The flat bottom makes filling easy and great for preventing spills on the counter. At the top, there is a strong zipper lock that effectively sealed food in to keep it fresh and prevent leaking. Although the pouch holds 7 oz, I have found that it is best to only put in 6 oz to make it easier to close the bag without the food squeezing out the top while closing the seal.

The blue trimmed pouch is clear so you can see what is inside, and has a cute little child logo. There were no odors or off-gassing when I opened this set and I am happy to report that these contain no BPA, Lead, PVC or Phthalates. What makes them really nice is the fact that I can make homemade baby food and freeze it or put it in the fridge for use the next day on an outing. These make great storage for going to the park, library, zoo, church, or restaurant. You may wonder why I mention church and library, but there are times when a baby (especially one that is teething and extra moody) with NEED something to eat and this is MESS FREE and easy to eat quickly and discreetly. My baby is 11 months old and the time it takes him to eat one of these pouches compared to having to use a spoon and container is much much less. The only downside to this is that he sometimes goes too fast and does not feel as full. It is important I give him breaks in between feeding it to him (he does not hold it yet on his own).

As mentioned, this has a clear body and is easy to see what is inside. You could mark what you decide to store in these, but we leave them blank. My baby does eat organic, no sodium, no added ingredient store bought jar baby food as well, and this is an option for taking the food with us without having to worry about glass containers. He is not fond of meat baby food (chicken is what he has tried) and so in order for him to get protein and meat into his diet, I mix a little baby food chicken into his favorite veggies. His food packs are usually a multicolor of 2-3 flavors of food.

His favorite baby food is sweet peas and sweet potatoes and those cover the meat flavor enough to sneak in the meat. He does not eat baby fruit purees at this time as they are mainly sugar and his tummy does not handle it well. The pouch is easy to hold and there are no sharp edges. My 4 year old often will eat yogurt or applesauce from these and they are soft and squeezable and perfect for car travel.

As a special Limited Time Bonus the company is supplying two extra lids in the set so if the kids lose one you have backups. This set washes easily by hand, but we have washed them on top rack in the dishwasher on regular since we use them all the time(no high heat dry). I use them in the car and out on errands, but use them nearly every day for home as well. It is very convenient at home as they are super easy clean up and can be used in the living room on the floor as sometimes with 2 (or more) little ones, schedules and meal locations are varied. :)

These are available on Amazon.  Be sure to visit their Facebook page for healthy food tips and updates on new products!

I was sent a pack of 8 to review, however this is my honest opinion.

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