Saturday, March 28, 2015

Reusable 6 oz Panda Bear Baby Food Pouch Review

As a mommy to a 4 year old and an 11 month old, I need to have lots of snacks on hand, and food available at all times. A simple trip to the grocery store and library can potentially look like you are packing for a weekend getaway. :)

I my be deemed an overpacked, but one thing is I always have wheat I need when something arises. I feel you should alway bring an extra set of clothes even for a potty trained 4 year old (as potty accidents, muddy playgrounds, and messy food happens more frequently than not). My 4 year old likes it when we have raisins, cheddar bunnies (Annies) unsalted pretzels, and squeezable snacks. She always has her water filled sippy cup as well. Our 11 month old is still fed naturally, but her also eats baby food as well. It can be a feat to provide safe storage for glass food jars when going to a restaurant or outing. This is why I love reusable food pouches.

We used to purchase the non reusable ones from our local Whole Foods store and would spend as much as $1.50-2.00 per pouch. And quite often we we need to purchase 2 for one meal / snack. That gets costly and I hated that we could not reuse them. It seemed like such a waste.

I was happy to be sent a sample of a 6 oz food pouch from BabyFloret. It is by far the cutest pouch I have seen or reviewed. The pouch is a bright lime green with a sweet panda bear on it. The pouch is smaller than others I have tried (7 oz) but still performs well. No matter what pouch I use, I always leave about a 1/2 to an inch from the top so as to protect from accidental spillage. The seal on this works well and is secure, I just like taking extra precautions. Here are key aspects of the pouch (and did I mention it is really cute?).

BPA Free and Phthalates Free
Freezer Safe
Dishwasher Save

I take this with us for restaurant trips for baby. I do need 2 pouches of food (and was only sent 1 pouch to review) so I take one of my other brand pouches as well. We have not had any problems with these. I never warm up foods for my baby and rarely do I warm up foods for my 4 year old (she usually likes cool to room temperature foods). But I must warn you that it is not suggested to microwave this pouch. I am guessing it would wrap it or melt it. Simple use a bowl of hot water to warm up the contents. This is the method I have used to thaw frozen momma milk. Please also keep the cap out of the reach of children 3 years or younger.

We have washed this one in the dishwasher a few times on the top rack, and it has not faded or warped.  I do always make sure not to use the heated dry or sanitize setting as those are really hot temperatures.

These are available on Amazon sold in a Set of 8 Panda (6oz) pouches.

For more information on BabyFloret and their products, you can visit their website and the BabyFloret Amazon storefront.  Connect with them on Facebook for updates.

We like this pouch and HIGHLY recommend it. *I was sent one to review, this was an honest account of the product.

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