Saturday, March 21, 2015

Toddler's First Choice Gummy Vitamins: Review

My 4 year old is probably among the few that like taking vitamins.  I think it may be the fact that she never had her first piece of candy until she was a few months short of 4 years old (Halloween Church function) and has only had it once since then.  We only give her milk or water and she love fruits and vegetables.  She gets super excited for baby carrot sticks, raisins, apples, grapes, and strawberries.

I think since we started her out on vegetables, fruits, low sugar items, water, and milk, she has an appreciation for healthier options and her sweet tooth favors lower sugar options.  If something is much too sweet for her, she actually will not eat it.  We have had wonderful luck with giving her gummy forms of vitamins as they look like a treat and she likes looking at the fun shapes and characters.  Often these can also be used as a reward treat taken daily after cleaning up her toys.

Toddler's First Choice Gummy Vitamins (available on Amazon) by Baby Maya, sent me a 90 ct. bottle for review.  It is suggested that children ages 2 and older take 3 gummy vitamins daily.  We have tried various brands of gummy vitamins and usually buy the Yummi bears brand from our local health store.  When comparing the 2, Toddler's Choice and Yummi bears have similar amounts, with added minerals in the Yummi Vitamins, but despite the added minerals, the Yummi vitamins had slightly lower mg or mcg in some comparisons.  I like how the Folic Acid level is higher in the Toddler's Choice, as well as their level of Vitamin D.  I did notice that Toddler's choice does not have Calcium listed, whereas the Yummi vitamins has a low, 9.2 mg.  The Toddler's Choice are chewy and remained soft the entire month of testing, however, the Yummi Vitamins have closer to the texture of gummy bear candy.  The Yummi Bears are soft and moist, making no sound when in the bottle, due to their soft texture.  The Toddler's Choice gummy made a rattling vitamin sound (no big deal, just something I noticed).  Both brands are USA made, which is a must for us, and both contain 4 g of sugar, use fruits/veggies to color and flavor, and both have a serving size of 3 gummies.  Yummi Bears are @$20 on Amazon (200 gummies) and Toddler's Choice is @$15 (90 gummies).

The Toddler's Choice are a good vitamin and contain top quality, high levels of vitamins A,E,B-6, C, D, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Folic Acid, and Zinc.  We like the flavors of the vitamin, but would prefer the color and texture to be improved slightly.  The color is mainly a yellow orange, and I think it would be fun if the gummies were different colors (while still being natural).  The outer texture of these gummies are more firm and not moist, I think a gummy bear texture would be nice.  These are my thought, not my 4 year old. :)

My 4 year old likes both brands equally.  I like the Toddler's Choice as well, and the main thing is that it has all the vitamin levels she needs, which it does.  It exceeds the Yummi Bears in the levels of several vitamins.

The Toddler's Choice is a little less than half the amount of the Yummi Bears and there is only about a $5 difference.  We personally get whatever vitamins are best suited for us, in flavor and ingredients, but for some, price may be a determining factor.

We like this brand and do recommend it. :) I am attaching the stock picture of the ingredients and vitamin levels of the Yummi Bears for comparison.  The Toddler's Choice does have better levels.  Unfortunately we did not have any real life pictures to post as the Toddler's Choice came at a great time as we were out of our usual brand. :)

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