Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chalk'd Liquid Chalk Markers by Five J Enterprises Review

I was sent some chalk markers to review. This is the second set I have ever used. I had always seen the bright neon menus at restaurants and always thought the markers used looked fun. I unfortunately do not have one of the cool light up glass boards that these are typically used on, but I still have been getting great use out of these. To be honest, I do not have time to make any elaborate doodling or drawings with 2 small children at home, but I do enjoy using these almost daily for writing a quick and easy to see note on our white kitchen stove. There is a small blank space about the size of my hand in between the 2 front burners and that is my dedicated morning message board for now. I think I really should get myself a white board for the kitchen wall. :)

I use this small space to write down info I need my husband to know early in the morning when he gets up at little before 5 and is gone before 6 am. Usually the note consists of Have a good day, please mail the package at the post office, or don't forget we have a doctors appointment, or a quick jotting down of information during the day if I am on the phone and need to make a quick note of a doctors appointment.

As seen in my very inexperienced art doodle, I tested these out on my bathroom mirror and made a green vine (I promise it is a vine, despite the fact it may not look like one). :) It was fun, but I do not think I will do that again as it is a nice vintage mirror that is painted white and these inks are a bit messy. They also will stain if you get them on a porous material. As seen in my stove picture, they do take a decent amount of paper towel and some water or glass remover to clean thoroughly. This is fine for my stove, but I am too nervous to try making a note of picture on my mirror. Pretty much all our home mirrors are vintage ones that we had painted white, so unfortunately no doodles or I love you messages to wake up to in the bathroom. :) These chalk markers are meant for chalk boards, white boards, glass or hard, non porous surfaces that will not be near delicate or fabric items. I would definitely recommend you only let an older child use these and supervised as these will stain.

These markers are a little nicer than the previous brand I had tried. The others were nice, but they did not contain a sturdy storage box. The other brand had a flimsy clear plastic sleeve. I think it speaks highly of a company that makes their packaging professional and usable (whether the packaging is usable for storage or recyclable, etc.) The box is thick and houses the markers neatly. The other markers has the same colors and shades, however neglects to have black, which I feel is a necessary color. I do want to say that I was disappointed that neither set has brown. I think brown is important if someone wanted to make a tree trunk. :) The other set has individual shirt clips while this set does not. While I personally would not need the clip, perhaps if you are a teacher and use these at school you might find that having a clip is useful for a shirt pocket or clipping to a folder.

I like this set a lot and recommend it. It is a set of 9 (the other brand was 8) and my recommendation is to make it an even set of 10 and include brown. These chalk markers feature a fiber-based, reversible 6mm bullet/chisel tip. There is an internal ball bearing that when you shake the marker (with cap on PLEASE!) it creates a nice smooth and fluid application to your surface.

Colors include:

White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red, Green and Orange

These are available on Amazon.  Connect with the company on Facebook for fun inspiration and updates on new products and promotions.

This is a comparison of the 2 brands, I arranged the colors in order.  The Chalk'd set is obviously the bottom picture, and boxed.  The top set is another brand I reviewed a few months ago that is similar, but the packaging is terrible and a sharp clear plastic sleeve that does not close well.  (other brand does not have black)

* I was send one box of 9 Chalk'd markers from th ecompany for review, this is my honest opinion.

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