Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zim's Advanced Vapor Rub Review

As it is still cold season, our family is thankful to have some tried and true standbys for surviving the common cold and flu.  Hot homemade soup, essential oils, plenty of water, and  vapor rub, although slower methods,  alleviate symptoms and make us a little more comfortable while keeping us safe from chemicals and medicines.

*I was sent a brand of vapor rub for review. 

Zim's Advanced Vapor Rub is an all-natural, petroleum-free formula that temporarily relieves cough, stuffy nose, and congestion.  It can also be applied to sore muscles and joints for relief from minor aches and pains which is something I had never thought of doing with a vapor rub product.  About a year ago, our family had discontinued using Vics and other brands that contain Petroleum.  We try to opt for more natural and safer options.  This is available in a jar or a tube with an easy-on, no mess applicator. We prefer the tube as it is mess free and more sanitary for use between several family members.  I never liked dipping my fingers into a greasy salve in past years.  The Zims is not greasy and it absorbs into skin quickly.

I really like this company and they have a variety of other products that are natural, which makes our family happy.  We have used this vapor rub on our 4 year old and felt comfortable using it.  We do not apply it on her chest, but instead apply it heavily on her feet, then put thick socks over the ointment.  It really helps her when she has a bad cold. (also prevents her from accidentally getting it on her hands and rubbing her eyes in her sleep)

My husband uses this as a mild muscle rub and is happy that it is effective and does not burn like other products specifically designed for aches and pains.  The tube makes it easy to rub in the desired area, which usually seems to be his leg in the evenings.

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*Product sample sent for review.

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