Sunday, March 22, 2015

TravelRebel 3 oz soft silicone bottles: Review


We do not travel for extended periods of time, however we often take an overnight trip or a 2-3 day weekend trip.  Often it can get expensive to always purchase the travel sized shampoo and soap bottles and if you are like our family, it gets really expensive if you are sulfate free and need to purchase items that are travel size and natural ingredient, chemical free, silicone free, and sulfate free.  Even if the higher cost is not a problem, it is harder to find sample or travel sized portions of those brands.  To make this work for us, we use travel containers that are reusable.  I used to keep the hotel sample bottles, rinse out the chemical and sulfate based soaps, and refill with our brands.  The problem with this is, many of those bottles are tiny, and the bottles are really not well constructed enough to be reused over and over, and most are difficult to fill. 

I was sent a 3 pack of reusable, soft bodied, BPA free silicone bottles from TravelRebel.  The bottles are 3 oz which is compliant for airplane travel as TSA allows 3.4 oz or less, per container of liquids.  These are perfect for carrying most lotions, shampoos, and body wash, etc.  One thing that is used for one of our bottles is hand soap to travel with.  As we are sulfate free and have sensitive skin, the hotel bath soap and hand soaps they supply are always irritating our skin and generally do not smell great either.  This takes care of the problem.

I love how soft these are, with a wide mouth for easy filling of liquids.  TravelRebel bottles are reusable and dishwasher safe.  We have not yet put them in the dishwasher, but plan to try that when and if needed. We have not had any spilling yet, but I recommend to leave about a 1 inch space level at the top to further prevent any leaking.  Apparently it is suggested to use these for food use such as ketchup and sauces, but I cannot get over fact of them being shampoo bottles so will not use them for food use.

These have a suction cup on each bottle and are meant to be put on the shower wall for short periods of time.  I find that it stayed on the wall for the duration of my shower 10-15 minutes, and then about 5-10 minutes later would land with a thud onto the tub floor when I was in the other room.  This is not really a big deal as I only plan to use these for travel and would normally store bottles on the shower ledge at home.  

Here are some liquids not recommended to be used in these type of bottles:

- Castille soap (Dr. Bronner's)
- Oil formulated, skin conditioners
- sunscreen/tanning lotions
- Almond butter
- Non-silicone based, personal lubricants
- Any liquid that has the tendency to congeal

We only use these for shampoos, lotions, conditioners, and hand soap.  These work well, my only suggestion is to have more bright and perhaps girly colors.  My bottles were clear and baby blue.  I decided to give these to my husband after I tested these.  I would have liked a set of pink and lime green or pink and purple. :)  I also think a set of 4 would have been best so you could have a shampoo / conditioner set, lotion, and body wash (travel hand soap for us).

These are available on Amazon.  I was sent a pack for a review, and this is my honest opinion.

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