Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TravelWise 3 Piece Weekender Set Packing Cubes: Reviewed

I have always been an overpacker, it is just in my nature. It isn't really a bad thing in my opinion, I seem to always have what I need (or my husband needs, or my 2 children). Things that you may need (and often end up having to buy or borrow when you are on your trip), but do not think to bring, I totally pack them. I used to have the problem of fitting it all in my giant suitcase. But have luckily found packing cubes over the years. I have found that getting a couple different colors and having each family member have their own color, really makes it easy to grab the correct cube and bag. Especially for children. I can say to my husband, please get the green cube, and then he is able to easily pick out an outfit for my 4 year old while I assist the baby.

So far, I have tried 3 different brands. Today I will speak about the TravelWise brand. (2014 VERSION Weekender is the newest and is updated to be deeper cubes, so you can pack more clothing per cube)

Packing cubes are box shaped storage bags that allows the traveler to keep their clothes neatly folded and organized when packed. These cubes are zippered keep clothing and items from flying around lose in the suitcase and getting wrinkled and messy. The cubes are made of durable nylon and have a breathable mesh netting to allow for quick security checks, as well as easy view for finding what you are looking for. You can separate shirts, pants, undies and like I mentioned previously, have different colors for each family member.


Small Size 11.5" x 6.75" x 3.75"
Medium Size 13.75" x 9.75" x 3.75"
Large Size 17.5" x 12.75" x 4"

This is a nice set for the money. As mentioned, I have tested a total of 3 different brands. All 3 brands are similar with a few mild exceptions. Each set, while all being nylon has a slightly different feel and texture. The Dot & Dot brand has a honeycomb texture, the Ebags brand has dotted shimmery texture, while these TravelWise cubes have a sort of cross hatching. I prefer the honeycomb texture as it feels a bit nicer, but all 3 brands are sturdy for regular use and I have not had any issues with any of them.

All 3 brands have a sturdy black nylon handle at the top, which makes them quite convenient and easy to carry. All 3 have a black mesh, and the mesh netting seems very similar. The zippers all function smoothly and are pretty similar. Dot & Dot mesh netting is straight across horizontal, with the bag color/textured material at the bottom, while the Ebags netting is more curved with the matching bag color/textured material in between. TravelWise cubes have the mesh sandwiched between to vertical spaces of the matching bag color/textured material. All allow proper and adequate ventilation, and visibility, and it is all just a matter of the design / placement being different. I do not prefer one over the other, they all look nice.

I like all 3 brands, but I do favor the Dot Dot ones a touch more due to the reinforced, thicker edges/seams and the different texture. They are slightly more structured and seem a bit more durable. The TravelWise brand still functions well and holds a lot of clothing. I was able to zip them easily and the size is generous. I have only used these a week, but we happened to be away from home that week and so I used these for my 2 little ones. These worked well for holding my 10 month old's clothing and my 4 year old's clothing, along with their stuffed friends. I am not connected in any way to any of the companies, I am just giving my honest thoughts after using each brand and packing them up.

The TravelWise cubes held up just fine and I had no issues. They did not have any chemical odor / off gassing (thankfully as I always am sensitive) and they are a nice pretty red shade. They match our red stroller, so I may keep out the smallest cube to keep small items organized underneath.

These are available to purchase on  Amazon.

*I received one weekender set as a Review Sample, and this is my honest opinion.

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