Thursday, March 12, 2015

Purely Stacked Brain Supplement Review

I was recently sent a product to review from Purely Stacked.  This is a nutritional supplement that provides a boost in mood, concentration, energy and overall well being.  This sounds pretty much like something we all need, huh?  My husband is always exhausted and often has trouble staying alert while driving so I was happy to have him try this product.  He did not take the maximum dosage and he has only tried this for almost 3 weeks.  His concentration is perfect during the morning and early afternoon, but as it gets to around 6 pm and later, he is so exhausted (from his heavy paced job, excessive hours, and little sleep) that if he is driving somewhere and it is dark outside (middle of winter around 7 or 8 pm) he is dangerously drowsy.  He usually gets a coffee before starting out, however it wears off quickly for him.

The product claims that it helps improve motivation, concentration, & mood, so far he has not had  much improvement, however, in my opinion, we should not count it as unhelpful just yet, as he needs to get it into his system.  Also, I am sure this works best for those who do not work 10 hour days nearly every day, and who have to come in on their off days as well.  (The last 3 weeks he was off 2 days the entire 3 weeks). 

What we do like about it is that it is said to be all natural, without stimulants, fillers, or preservatives.  They have added vitamins, herbs, & amino acids that are known for boosting brain function, mental clarity, and health.  Since my husband drink s way too much coffee / caffeine, I am so happy that this is caffeine free.  Another aspect we like, that is something we always check, it where an item is made, this is made in the USA. 

The direction say to take 1-2 pills in the morning and 1-2 pills later in the day, my husband has been taking 2 in the early evening, about half-hour after eating dinner.  So far he has not had any side effect, so that is always good.  We hope to see some positive results and improvements soon.

If you think you are interested in trying this product, it is available on Amazon

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