Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baby Comfy Nose nasal aspirator

Now with 2 little ones (4 year old and an almost 11 month old) I am no newbie to things that may extend me outside of my comfort zone.   There are a lot of things I do now, that I certainly would not have wanted to do or thought I would do 10 years ago.  Cloth diapers? Yeah we do them, and gladly! Clean up after they were sick? Wipe little bottoms? Yes, and for the past few years, I have used various nasal aspirators that work by siphoning / sucking out the unpleasantness (mucus/snot) from my little ones noses.  Nope, nothing gets even remotely near my lips.  Ever.  I never liked the blue or grey bulb nasal aspirators that you get from the hospital when baby is born.  They never did anything, and if they did, how are you supposed to clean them out? I can't see in there.

I had tried Nose Frida with my first baby and liked it, but did not like how it did not have any sort of pouch or case and the foam filters were always getting lost and were expensive to replace when I needed more.  I was sent a nasal aspirator from Baby Comfy Nose.

This nasal aspirator (like other similar ones I have tried) uses your own suction to quickly and hygienically remove baby's nasal mucus.  There is no contact with mucus and germs, I have not gotten anything yucky near my lips.  great thing about this nasal aspirator is that you do not need to purchase anything to use with it, which means no filters! You insert a tissue or toilet paper into the aspirator, and this acts as a filter.

In the package you get a storage net / pouch and two nose tips: standard and newborn. The mesh storage pouch keeps all the pieces together in the dishwasher, (which is really genius that this can go in the dish washer, as I had never put my NF in there).  It is a netting so you can hang to dry.  BPA and phthalate-free.  I really like this system and use it on both my 4 year old and 11 month old.  The only thing I would have liked them to add would be a plastic hard storage case as I would like a sealed container to put this while in my bag (for instance, if I use it in public and cannot wash it right away).  My husband still, after 4 years of seeing me use these types of aspirators, will not try it, and he often goes in the other room.  For me, if my baby (who is currently still nursing) is miserable, and having trouble feeding and sleeping, I want his nose clear!

I really like this product and recommend it.  I still have the Nose Frida and do not mind it (it is still a great device), I just keep it as a back up in the event that I lose this and cannot get another one. 

BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator Positives:

  • Uses your own suction as the most effective method to remove nasal mucus
  • Two soft nose tips included 1) Standard 2) Newborn
  • Uses household tissue as a filter
  • Handy mesh dishwasher/storage pouch keeps pieces together
  • Medical-grade quality; 100 dishwasher cycle-tested
BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator Negatives (for me):
  • No hard case storage container

You can purchase this aspirator on  Amazon.  I chose Magenta Pink, yes, even though my baby is a boy.  When he decides to lug around his own nasal aspirator, then he can get a BLUE one. :) You of course can choose blue or pink.

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