Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quick Look at my Influenster Rock the Lunchbox Vox Box

Here are some items I was sent coupons to get through  Influenster Rock the Lunchbox VoxBox and Annies, Honest Kids, and Rudis Bread. These are Organic and Healthy Goodies for the Little ones (and adults too). My husband enjoyed the Honest Kids Berry Good Lemonade drinks that he took with him to work. They are in little juice foil packs, and resemble Capri Sun.  I do not drink a lot of juice so I only had 1 or 2.  Our 4 year old has never had anything but white milk and water, so she did not sample the juices. 

My husband and my 4 year old enjoyed Rudis Cinnamon Bakery Toast with some butter each morning, the loaf is small but I agree that it is very good, despite me hating raisins. My 4 year old has loved Annies Cheddar Bunnies since she was 1 1/2, and that is actually where she got her nickname(s) as she was almost never seen without her snack cup of cheddar bunnies (We have called her Bunny / Cheese Bunny since she was a very young toddler.). This was a great lunch building set.  You can definitely rock a lunch box this way.  My daughter stays home with me, so she does not officially have a lunch box yet, but she ate these items at home, and my husband took some of the items with him. We also tried the Annies Pizza Popper bites. They were good, but seemed a bit salty, and there were not many in the box.  I also was disappointed that our store only had the Pepperoni variety and they did not even offer the Bagel Pizzas, which is what I had wanted to try.  The Popper's were the only item we probably won't get on our own.

I received these items free in my Influenster Vox box, for my honest review.  

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