Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crystal Wash Review

We have loads of laundry (pun intended) with 2 small (and often messy) children, myself, and my husband, we are constantly washing clothing, bedding, towels, etc.  The past 4 years I have been using fragrance free laundry powder (since my daughter was born) and have come to love the truly fresh smell of clean laundry.  Chemicals and fake fragrances seem to hide the true smell of clothes and made me wonder if they were truly clean.  I was recently sent a new product that I found interesting.  The product is a simple laundry item designed to clean without chemicals or soap.  It is called Crystal Wash, and is better for the environment, saves money on having to buy laundry soap, and potentially better for skin.  This is a new product that has been on Kickstarter, recently and claims that you can do 1000 loads of laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume.

I received 2 large laundry balls from the company.  These work using Bio Ceramics from the earth.  It is claimed that you can naturally clean your clothes as effectively as laundry detergent and it is better for your skin, the environment and more gentle on your fabrics.  This technology and science is said to be very effective on cleaning, with antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties.

Crystal Wash Balls are placed in your laundry with the water and as they move around in your laundry (providing some agitation) machine during a cycle, they raises the pH balance of the water. The higher Alkaline water created by Crystal Wash enables dirt and soils to be soaked free naturally.  I have mainly tested these using our 4 year old and 11 month old's clothing.  I do use our normal fragrance free Nellies or Country Save powder for our other clothing and for cloth diapers.  I realize I probably could use these for our entire laundry (minus the diapers) but for now, we are just using it on the kids clothing.   We have not used laundry softeners or additives for over 2 years so it is nice to try a new product that is natural and seems to work well.  The Crystal Wash disinfects the clothing by creating a form of natural Hydrogen Peroxide. 

The neat thing about these is when you "recharge them" you simply put them in the sun for an afternoon.  We already hang our clean diapers outside to sun out any stains (they turn bright white and new looking). You only need to do this about every 2-3 weeks, depending on how often you use these. Ours have gotten light use, so we have only needed to sun them once.

I have only used this about twice a week for a month.  I am not sure I am fully sold on this product, but it does intrigue me.  I am interested to see what updates they make to it in the coming months when they introduce their 2.0 model.  (this 2.0 model will be even more unique and fascinating as it will be paired with the user's smart phone (as an app) and have various features)

*I received a free unit for testing, this is my opinion and review.

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