Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Havana Aftershave Balm by Barberry Shave Coast Company Review

My husband has always loved shaving.  He keeps a neatly trimmed beard, but shaves underneath his beard and is very thorough.  He makes sure the outline of the beard is perfectly shaped and even.  Shaving truly is an art. Back when our parents and grandparents were young, men would go into town to get a special wet shave from a barber, complete with a shaving brush and either safety razor shave or straight razor.  My husband has recently transitioned to wet shaving with a brush and vintage safety razor, because he copied his wife! I started using a 1963 Lady Gillette safety razor and badger hair shaving brush (legs and under arms) over a year ago and have not turned back.  Shaving should be a spa like and relaxing experience.  I love mixing up a hot frothy lather with a shaving puck and some essential oils.  My husband now has his own safety razor and shaving brush and could not be happier.

I like finding him natural ingredient, luxurious shaving soaps, balms, and butters.  I was sent some
after shave lotion for Men from Barberry Coast Shaving Company.  The fragrance of this one is called Havana and it is a light, non-greasy, moisturizer w/Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Cooling Menthol.  He loves it and says it absorbs into his skin quickly and is does not contain alcohol (which could burn).  I opened the bottle and it is fantastic! WOW, I kinda love it for myself.  I think it totally could be a musky fragrance that some women would use. 

It is lightly scented with tobacco leaf, crushed cocoa beans, Peruvian clove, vanilla and Patchouli.  I have some women's perfume of my own that has a smokey tobacco vanilla fragrance so this scent is something I like and have tried to snatch up a few times to sniff it.  My husband has been using this twice per week after he shaves under his beard.  He likes it a lot and says it is the best fragrance he has tried so far.  He says is smells upscale and classy. 

We like that this is gentle to his skin and there are no synthetic chemicals and no artificial colors.  I use a lot of essential oils and extracts in our household and so I was happy to find out that this contains some as well.  We are both Sulfate Free and Paraben Free, so it also made us happy that this is as well.  Made in the USA.  It truly is the perfect shave lotion.  They need to make a version for women, that smells similar to this but perhaps add some cherries or something (reminiscent of a pipe tobacco smell, sweet and spicy with a vanilla cocoa fragrance).

*Sample bottle sent to me for honest review.  This after shave lotion is available on Amazon.

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