Monday, March 2, 2015

CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush and Initiative Beard Oil Flask Review

I had the opportunity to review more wonderful products from Can You Handlebar.  I reviewed their Wisdom Beard Oil a few weeks back---no not for me, for my bearded hubby.  Today I will tell you about 2 products from the same company.  The products are the Beard Oil Brush and the Beard Oil Flask (1 oz) in the Initiative variety/fragrance. 

Can You Handlebar makes and sells a wide assortment of manly grooming products, one of which is the Beard Oil Brush. This brush is designed to be used with special oils that nourish skin and hair.  It comes in a handy storage tin and is specifically for a man's beard.  The product line remind me of a well dressed, dapper woodsman with a neatly groomed beard and a flashing, manly grin.  He may be wearing flannel plaid, but it is his best one, and neatly starched and tucked just so.

The neat thing about this product and the entire line, is it can be used by men who are the outdoor type or businessmen.  There are businessmen who wear beards and are not afraid to grow out that 4 oclock shadow into a dashing, well groomed, full beard.  The products are attractive to display on your bathroom shelf or dresser table.  I love how the labels look slightly vintage and the packaging is very upscale.  The labels are oil proof so they will not get stained.

This beard oil brush was specifically selected by the company to work with Beard Dry Oil (Beard Balms) (in tins) as well as traditional beard oils. We were not sent a dry oil balm, but we were sent a mini stainless steel flask of their Initiative Beard Oil.  The difference between the oil in the flask and the beard balm is the balm is not liquid as it contains a more solid form ingredients in a tin and has the addition of beeswax.  It is similar to a hybrid of mustache wax and beard oil.  The beard oil works very similar, and still provides excellent moisture, nutrients, and luster.  My husband has no difficulty using it with the brush.

Each beard brush is branded with the CanYouHandlebar Question Mark. The base of the brush is wood and the bristles are horse hair.  It reminds me a bit of my husband's shaving brush in texture.  He and I both use shaving brushes (mine is for legs obviously) but his brush is boar hair and mine is badger hair.  He keeps a medium full beard, but likes to keep the under beard neatly shaven.  The boar hair brush is stiffer than badger so it is more similar to the horse hair beard brush in my opinion. The bristles on this beard brush are sturdy and stiff, and capable of a gentle massage and exfoliation to the facial skin.  The oils are able to be brushed and buffed into the beard for nourished hair and skin,  providing a well groomed appearance.  Men, prepare to be kissed, snuggled, and have that mane loved on by your special someone.  :)

The benefits of having the beard oil stainless steel flask is portability.  Although the website mentions that you can "pocket-carry your oil wherever you go," I do not imagine many men will carry their oil in their pocket, but they can rest assured that it is travel friendly, airport friendly (most likely), and will not shatter as glass would.  Initiative is a really nice, handsome scent in my opinion.  Ruggedly handsome.  It contains wonder oils, all of which I use on my own face when I oil cleanse each night.  It is made with olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba, argan, vitamin E and essential oils, is blended and bottled by hand and has a citrus undertone.  It is VERY nice.  :)

We were sent a 1 oz size and I really only have one complaint, the lid is difficult to screw on the top easily and straight.  I admit, I have been sneaking a few drops from his flask to put on my eyebrows.  I am trying to fill them out vintage Hollywood Style, reminiscent of vintage young Elizabeth Taylor.  This oil smells AMAZING, and it was only 1 oz.,  I think we need a larger flask...

The Beard Brush and The Initiative Beard Oil Flask were sent to me for my honest opinion and review.  My husband tested these fully (as did my eyebrows with the oil) and hubby still uses both products.  I like them and recommend them to manly beards everywhere.  Perfection.

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