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BEAUTYOILS.CO 100% Pure Camellia Oil Review

Do you use oil on your hair or skin? I do and have for the past 2 years.  One oil I had not tried was Camellia Oil.  A Japanese beauty secret, Camellia oil, or tsubaki oil, is very nourishing on the skin and in hair.  I was sent a bottle of Camellia oil from and have reviewed their Pomegranate Seed Oil previously.

This Camellia Oil is 100% PURE and natural.  It is cold-pressed to ensure optimal quality and effectiveness.
The oil comes in a classy bright red box and is quite the stunner.  I really like the look of the label and the box.  It has a press-top cap dispenser and is housed in a dark amber plastic bottle to keep out light.  I would have preferred it to be a glass bottle as it would feel nicer.  I am not a fan of the flip top lid as it is hard to get the product out.  I would have prefer a dropper top lid or a pump. 


100% Camellia Seed Oil (Camellia Oleifera)

I have never tried any other brands of Camellia Oil, so I have nothing to compare this to, however I have used other various oils and this works as well as those.   I use this as a beauty oil on my face and it seems to soak in quickly.  My skin feels soft afterwards.  The way I apply it is putting a few drops of the oil on my Beauty Blender makeup sponge after I have wet it.  I then mix in my tinted BB cream (which acts as my foundation).

Camellia oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and has been used for skin, nails, scalp and hair beautification throughout history.  This oil originated from Japan and is from the Camellia Japonica flower (called Tsubaki in Japanese).  This lightweight oil is easily absorbed into skin and rich in plant collagen.

I have used oils in my hair a few times a month, and Camellia is a wonderful one to try.  I usually use Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil.  I am sulfate free and only wash my hair twice a week and have improved my hair appearance and texture.  I also use a natural boar bristle brush (Mason Pearson Popular Mix) and seamless wooden (Bamboo) comb (Body Shop).  I hope to sometime get a special handmade wooden comb from Japan.  Applying oil to hair by hand is messy, often applies heavily, and does not distribute the oil as well. If you comb through your oiled hair with a wooden comb, you will have better coverage and will not have heavy hair.

Japanese combs (Tsuge combs) are made from Boxwood. They are polished and filed with attention to detail, to a very smooth finish.  They are seamless, so they will not break or snag hair.  Have you used a cheap plastic comb? (most combs in stores are cheap and painful.  I have not used a plastic comb for the last 2 years.  Wood is the way to go.  Mine is a wide tooth comb made from Bamboo, but someday I will find a nice handmade wooden one.  Wooden combs lessen static electricity, smooth the hair, and are gentle.

The Boxwood combs (and pretty much any other nice quality seamless wooden comb) re-distribute Camellia oil (or whatever light oil your are using) evenly throughout hair. This promotes a pretty luster and gloss.   The traditional way of using a Tsuge comb is the lightly dip it in Camellia oil overnight before using it in your hair.  The wooden comb will absorb the oils and the next day the perfect amount of oil will be applied.  My comb is wide tooth, but the Japanese combs are closer together and Tsuge/Boxwood combs are often carved with intricate patterns.  I think these below are just lovely.

I recommend you look into Camellia Oil, if you are wanting to try a new oil. This was sent to me for review, this is my honest opinion. Camellia is available on their website and on Amazon.  The company is currently having a SALE of 10% off all online orders! Just enter the code: LUNA10.  This is valid until 3/8/15.  The website also has free shipping on orders of $35.

Connect with the company on Facebook  and Twitter for information about their products and special sales. 

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