Monday, March 9, 2015

Royal Jelly 1000 mg Freeze Dried Capsules by Natural Chemistree Review

I had the opportunity to review a superfood supplement this past month.  I like taking superfoods as they are fantastic for overall skin, hair, nails, and health.  I seem to have more energy and sleep better when I consume superfoods, whether they are in the form of a protein and superfood based smoothie powder, raw form, or in capsule/supplement form, etc.  

Natural Chemistree company sent me a bottle of 60 Royal Jelly 1000mg Freeze Dried Capsules.  Royal Jelly has a wide variety of health benefits due to the vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids it contains.  It is also a fantastic antioxidant, contains antibacterial properties, and can have anti-aging benefits.  Royal Jelly also contains HDA, which is an unsaturated fatty acid that has antibacterial and antiviral properties. This particular brand contains 14mg of HDA.

Here are some of the amazing vitamins that it contains:

B Complex Vitamins and Vitamin B5 which is beneficial in increasing energy, vitality, controlling stress, and reducing fatigue.  Helps promote healthy hair, skin and nails.  I have been taking these capsules once per day (you can take these twice a day) and have included Biotin in my daily supplements. I have seen an increase in the length of my nails (needing to trim more regularly about once a week), and it is possible that I can attribute the length to the supplements I have been taking.

Royal Jelly has contains an incredible amount of amino acids (22). Amino acids contribute to growth and cell function. Royal Jelly contains potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, magnesium, nickel. These minerals and trace elements contribute to wide variety of functions including cell metabolism, immunity, red blood cell creation.

I like the benefits of using Royal Jelly and will continue to take it for now.  You can find this brand on Amazon.  The pills are a butterscotch color and fairly large.  I only take one of them at a time, they are larger than I would like to swallow, but manageable. 

This was sent to me from the company for review, all thoughts are my own. 

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