Friday, March 20, 2015

Oversize Leaf Scoops by Releaf: Reviewed

It is wintertime here and we have had some crazy snowstorms that are not the norm in our area. Usually when it snows, it is and inch or 2 then it is gone the next day. The past month our city has had over 2 1/2 feet in just a 2 day period. Our nearly 100 year old country home had the pipes freeze and burst causing some issues. It was not fun. I mention this because although I am not fond of nearly 100 degree temperatures, I do like a nice breezy warm summer day when the weather is 75-90ish and we can enjoy being outside.

I do not do much yard work aside from some watering now and then. My husband loves being outside and gardening and using his riding mower in or modest 1/5 an acre yard. The only thing he does not like is when it is the late fall and Black Walnuts are dropping from high tree branches all over our yard. It is at that time, that our modest 1/5 acre yard seems about 3 times the size, when about 3 trees drop their heavy and ready for harvest, walnuts. It is a tiresome job and even more so a messy job. Black Walnut shells turn your hands and anything they touch a dark muddy brown color that is hard to remove, often lasting for a few days unless you do some serious scrubbing. My husband wears gloves, but his garden gloves get stained and messy as well.

When I was given the opportunity to review some large leaf scoops from Releaf, he was super excited.  He would be able to keep his hands and glove clean and scoop up more walnuts faster to put into bins.  He also mentioned how these would be great for our leaves as well (yes).

Now as I mentioned, it has been wintery here and the ground was white for a good 2 weeks.  The snow is gone and we are in a very wet and muddy season now so we do not have used for these just yet....well sort of...I have been using them to clean up our 4 year old's toy messes.  Since in the summer and fall these will soon be messy and not usable for inside the home, I figured I might try these as a temporary quick clean up tool.  My daughter think s they are pretty awesome and remind her of a cool robot or monster.  She plays in the living room and by the end of the day, there is very little walking space due to lego pieces, plastic fruit, her letter cubes, puzzle pieces, you name it.  These scoops allow me to scoop up several like items and put them into piles for her to put away in the proper place.  It seems to speed up the process as she likes having the piles and they seem to keep her on track so she does not get distracted and begin playing again instead of picking up.

For now, these are kept inside.  I store them in the laundry room as I do not want her to play with them as they are heavy and they are not safe for her.  I like how they have a hole for hanging on a hook.  These will come in handy for my husband and he is excited about them.  They also will be great when he clears out the poison ivy/oak that we have choking one of our old trees.  This (and his gloves) will protect his hands when he is scooping up the piles of cut vines.

*I was sent 1 set of Releaf scoops, all opinions are my own.  See the stock pictures for an idea of how these work. :)

You can find the Releaf Scoop set on Amazon.

STOCK Picture

STOCK Picture

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