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Toogli Cognac Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review

My 11 month old baby is teething and has been since about 5-6 months of age.  We do not use any teething medications, especially those that contain numbing agents, Benzocaine, or the plant Bella Donna.  We had used Baltic Amber teething necklaces, frozen washcloths, frozen waffles, cuddles and kisses with our first child, our daughter, who is now four.  We are using the same careful and gentle methods for our 11 month old baby boy.

I was sent a Baltic Amber necklace to review from Toogli.  I had reviewed a multicolor Baltic amber necklace from them a few months ago and now will be reviewing their cognac amber.  First off, we have a lot of Baltic Amber in this household, many have been bought by us, and about 4 different brands have been sent to us for review.  Toogli has by far, the most professional and impressive packaging and presentation.  The necklace arrives in a branded Toogli Box, then when opened, you find a black velveteen pouch (with the amber necklace inside) on jewelry fluff (not sure the technical term for it).  The company always includes a signed and certified authenticity card.
Baltic amber is a beautiful and functional item to use in necklace, anklet or bracelet form, whether your baby is teething, irritable, experiencing mild pain and discomfort, or for adults experiencing headaches or wrist pain, etc. When Baltic Amber is worn against the skin, near the site of pain, the warmth of the body awakens the amber and releases natural oils called Succinic acid.   This gives your baby gentle, but effective relief from the discomfort (irritable moods, ear grabbing, drooling and crying) of teething. Toogli Batic amber is independently lab tested for quality and authenticity.  I like how they always include a card in each order.  Each piece is double-knotted for safety, between each bead, so that if a bead comes off, only that one will, and you do not have beads going in every direction all over the floor.  The necklaces have secure screw clasps that are safe and the necklace is able to break away under pressure if needed. 

Due to the lateness of the hour, and not wanting to wake a sleeping baby, I will post the pictures of the necklace before putting it around his neck.  I do have this picture I took this evening when he fell asleep on my left arm, please excuse the crazy awkward angle. :) Look at the sweet baby hairs, awe I love the soft baby ducky hairs at this age.

Here is the Toogli necklace next to his other Baltic amber necklace.  The darker one is the Toogli Cognac, and the lighter is another brand and in Honey amber, we purchased that one on our own and had turquoise added to it.  This shows a good comparison of color variations of amber.  We have necklaces in milky white and creamy yellow amber at our house, as well as honey, lemon, and green.  We also have a muliticolor from Toogli as I mentioned, and that one has a mix of several colors.  Baltic amber necklaces are either polished or raw/unpolished.  The polished are of course shiny in appearance and the unpolished are a matte frosty texture and appearance.  Both work, however it is said that the unpolished, matte, raw works slightly better as it is said to not block the pores of the amber, which in theory could make the Succinic acid slower to absorb into the skin.  We have great luck with both types.

We love Baltic Amber in this house and mix and match pieces.  What is also neat, is if you purchase 2 baby/toddler necklaces, you can screw the ends together and make one adult necklace.  That is what I do. :) We also happened to have a 5 inch Baltic amber anklet that did not fit my baby as well anymore, so I added it to a 12 1/2 inch baby/toddler necklace and made a short necklace for me.  Obviously 2 full length toddler necklaces will make a longer adult necklace.  Sometimes I have linked 3 or 4 baby ones together for a fancier length (similar to opera length).

Please be aware that these are not to be put in the mouth to chew on.  They are called teething due to the way that teething babies find relief from wearing these.  Also, make sure you remove the necklace when swimming, cleaning (if you are an adult and wear one on your wrist) and bathing as soap and chemicals can harm the amber and lessen the strength.  Many parents like to wrap the amber around the baby or child's ankle when the child is sleeping for added precaution.  Please make sure you are aware of how baltic amber works and know that improvement may not be seen over night, however in my experience, it has been known to help quicker than expected.  Whatever brand of amber you buy, make sure it is authentic and certified, otherwise, you will not see any results. There are fakes out there, especially on sites like ebay and similar.  Buy from a reputable brand.  I have 2 necklaces from this company and we use them often, both my 4 year old and 11 month old wear these necklaces.  We often mix and match amongst myself and the 3 children.  I recommend this company and brand.  These may not work for everyone, but why not give it a chance? They are beautiful aren't they?  I love the way the light hits this Cognac necklace and it looks lighter in some lighting, but darker in other lighting.

You unfortunately cannot see him wearing his necklace here, but this was just too SWEET not to include in this post.  This was taken about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Pure contentment and a happy nap.  Mommy's little Prince.

*I was sent one Toogli Baltic Amber necklace in Cognac (medium brown) for review, all opinions are my own.

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Toogli products are available on Amazon.  They have a variety of Baltic Amber, as well as some silicone teething necklaces for mommy to wear while baby is held or nursed.  (review on that necklace in the next few days, you should definitely keep a look out for it).

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