Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fujikam HD Video Recording, & Motion Detection IP Camera / Network Camera Review

Bestselling Fujikam HD, wireless, Night Vision, 2 Way Voice, Digital Zoom, Video Recording, & Motion Detection – Easy To Setup – IP Camera /Network Camera For Home And Office Use

I have never left either my children in the care of another individual, except once, on the day of my second child's birth, my 3 year old stayed at a church daycare for about 4 hours. My daughter is now 4 and her brother is 10 months. I only agreed to have my daughter stay at church for those few hours in desperation as I had no other options. I may be overprotective, but these 2 little ones are my life, and one moment of someone else's turned back or lack of proper care, could be devastating. I must admit I am a tired mommy, especially since at night I must stay up until 3 or 4 am most every night to complete my daily chores, tasks and blogging and reviews. Both children stay home with me 24 hours a day and I have not had a date with my husband in 4 years. I am put at ease that if I ever did select a baby sitter (slim chance, but it could happen) I would be able to view my babies at a moments notice.

I was sent a baby cam security camera from the Fujikam company.  I was sent a cloud ip real time camera that I can connect to my phone and monitor what goes on in my household.  The nice thing is that this is not only for child or elderly care, this can be set up when you are away from the house as a security monitoring device to check on things.  This is very useful for when you leave on vacation or for the weekend.  This neat little device uses digital zoom and remote pan and tilt features.  I plugged it in and saw it panning the room which was pretty impressive.  The 2-way voice system enables communication between you and your kids.  Talk to them via your smart device and they can communicate with you through the camera.  The camera has HD 1280 x 720 image quality and night vision. If you desires, you can back up all your security footage to a SD card in real-time. Fujikam also supports QR Code login.

Features/ Advantages:
1280 x 720 HD quality Images
100% clarity, Real-time video streaming via a Smartphone, tablet or PC from any place
Capable of recording video to a micro chip/ SD card
Supports digital 2 way voice, night vision and QR code login,
Easy to mount

Dimensions: 8.15 x 6.57 x 5.23 inches,

Box Includes: Camera Power Cable, Ethernet Cable, Wall Bracket, User Manuel

We currently only use this for home monitoring when we are away, but will be happy to have it when we decide to utilize a babysitter.  This is useful for monitoring our baby during the day while we are home, without disturbing him.  I like how it seems secure and private.  On the base of the device, the camera has a unique username.  After logging into the camera, you are directed to create your own password.  We do not have a dog or cat, however I can see how this camera would be useful for pet owners to check in on their pet, as well as make sure their pet is not eliminating themselves on the carpet, barking excessively, or chewing on things (in cases of a new puppy or distressed animal.)  

I like how this can be mounted or placed on a shelf.  The device looks sturdy, has a variety of functions, and seems to be well designed, however I can hear the camera when it is panning the room.  I am not sure how this would be able to be completely hidden from a baby sitter unless you constantly had a fan or water sounds going in the background.  Perhaps if this is put in a room that is going to be noisy the entire time, it might not be noticed.  I could definitely hear it when I tested this when my baby was napping and the room was quiet. 

The only only slight con I found was that I noticed the website for this product has a few spelling / grammatical / punctuation errors.

For more information on this product and the company, you can find them on their website .  This camera is available on Amazon.

* I was sent one Fujikam unit for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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