Saturday, December 29, 2012

Private Selection Cheese Bzz Agent Review

I tested out the cheese from Private Selection, but was disappointed at the flavors that were available at the store.  There were three to choose from. I chose the Monterey Buffalo flavor.

This cheese was nice in flavor, and was very smooth and creamy. It made a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich. The Monterrey Jack cheese is very mild (VERY MILD, but tasty), combined with the hint of buffalo flavor (VERY MILD STILL, in my opinion) there was a subtle kick of flavor.

I do think it was missing some more kick. I think that the buffalo wording on the package would scare some people (like my mom--who hates spicy foods) away (those who are afraid of it being too spicy). It was not as spicy as I would have thought it would be. But those who see the word "buffalo flavor" (and like the spicy kick of buffalo wings and such, may be a little disappointed that it was not spicier.

This is a favorable review on this cheese, however, I just think the buffalo flavor seemed a little on the weaker side for me and my husband personally. (It was sort of so weak we would have enjoyed it better WITHOUT any buffalo flavor at all.

It was very smooth, creamy, and melted like a dream! This made a great grilled cheese. I would love to try other types from the Private Selection brand. Thumbs way up for grilled cheese and don't you just love vintage melamine plastic plates with pink roses on them? Who says grilled cheese can't be purdy?

Perdue Oven Ready Chicken (Thanksgiving Meal 2012) Bzz Agent Review

I was able to try the PERDUE OVEN READY Roasted Chicken from BzzAgent. I decided to serve it for my husband and daughter on Thanksgiving, yes, CHICKEN not TURKEY. I put it in the oven as directed and left it to cook in its own bag (with some salt and butter).

About halfway through the cooking process, I added low sodium organic chicken broth into the bag with the chicken and let the broth soak into the chicken. This helped make the already moist chicken even better. I really did not have to do anything to prepare the chicken besides open the bag, put in butter and some salt, bake about 90 minutes, and add broth halfway through. I probably did not even need to add broth as this bag locked in moisture already and the chicken was pre-seasoned. There was little cleanup. (always a plus!)

This simply was the easiest Thanksgiving meal I have made, and it truly was one of the best! It cooked perfectly in the bag and require no prep work whatsoever. The bag locks in the moisture and acts as basting method. I did not have to use a turkey/chicken baster and keep squeezing broth over and over.

The clean up was super easy. I highly recommend this product, and will purchase this in the near future (many times). This will become a staple in our home.

I served it with stuffing, cinnamon apples, handmade cranberry dressing, buttered sweet baby carrots, winter squash, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and yeast rolls. Oh and homemade blackberry cobbler with whipped cream) Are you hungry yet? This meal made my family super happy and super full.

This Perdue Oven Ready Roaster is so simple, even beginner cooks can do this. The chicken was deliciously seasoned, and super tender. This tasted so wonderful, I did not miss having turkey for Thanksgiving at all. :)