Tuesday, March 3, 2015

AloeCure Pure Aloe Extract for Digestive Health Review

My husband suffers from acid indigestion, heartburn and stomach cramping daily.  His stomach has caused him discomfort for the past 6 years.  We would buy him an assortment of Calcium Carbonate Anti Acid / Tums tablets (which he would consume several times per day), Peptol Bismol, various heart burn and antiacid and fiber products.  He has even tried a few detox powders.  Some items would work and some would make him more uncomfortable.  I have been trying more natural methods of health and beauty products myself over the past 2 years, and have tried having him incorporate Apple Cider vinegar, more fruits and vegetables, and water.  It seems to help him when he takes a small 2 oz shot of apple cider viniegar and then follow with a tall glass of water but often the taste is much too bearable for him and it is not healthy for his teeth.  I had heard of the benefits of taking pure aloe juice and when I was given the opportunity to review a product such as this I gladly agreed.

The company is called Aloe Cure, and they make a wide variety of products made with 100% Pure Aloe and other natural ingredients.  Aloe Juice has many fantastic properties and benefits.  Aloe, when taken internally, aids in digestion and helps with regulating stomach acid  and prevents and treats heartburn.  I have been having him take 2 oz each day and following with a tall glass of water.  He says this helps within a few minutes.  I have tried the Aloe Juice and although I know how it would benefit me, I cannot get over the flavor.  I had been putting his aloe in orange juice but he says he much prefers it taken in a quick shot (there is a handy measuring dose cup included) followed by water.

Other benefits of drinking aloe are constipation relief, detoxification of the colon and body, blood sugar regulation, potential weight loss or proper maintenance of a healthy weight, improved circulation, reduction of inflammation in the body, strengthened immune system, among other benefits. The Aloe Cure products contain vitamins (such as Potassium and Calcium), minerals, amino acids, for healthy and comfortable digestion and wellness.

We were sent a 6 bottle case of the original flavor and although he is only on his second bottle, we decided to dedicate one bottle for external use. :) He and I have been sulfate free for a while now and try to not use alcohol based hair creams or gels.  I use argan oil or jojoba oil based shampoos and often apply a drop of two to my hands and rake it through my hair.  I really do not need or desire to use hair wax, pomade, creams or gels, but my husband, who has really curly hair, has always used and preferred using somesort of styling product.  Thankfully, after years of heavy use of chemical and alcohol based pomades and gels, he gave in to my pleading and has looked into more natural methods. :) I suggested he try styling his hair with the aloe juice. He now uses a dollap of the aloe juice with a small drop or 2 of castor oil (for hair growth) and some Burdock root oil with Nettle.  All of these ingredients are nourishing to hair, boost hair growth, and chemical free.  He is liking the gentle hold, as it defines his curls, and we hope that his thinning hair will improve.

Aloe Vera juice is pH-balanced for our hair and so it makes sense to use it as a hair gel.  It makes his hair shiny and enhances his curls, as it acts as a humectant (draws moisture).  He applies this gel mixture immediately after showering on lightly towel dried hair.  This makes his hair look styled all day long. 

We have not tried any other brands of Aloe juice, so this is our first impression of using any form of it.  We have been using regular Aloe Vera (100% pure and clear) for years on our skin.  We like how the Aloe Cure products are gluten free, zero calorie, low sodium, fat free, and naturally healthy when taken internally.  They do not have any artificial colors and no preservatives.  The company knows where all their aloe juice comes from, as they own and operate the organic aloe vera farms.  They process and bottle it themselves.

I am excited for him to continue the hair styling gel use and the internal use.  We were sent a 6 pack case of original flavor, however all thought are our own.  The company also makes a Grape flavored variety in case you are interested, as well as skin treatments.

For more information, you can connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter for new products and healthy tips for your body.

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