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PurelyGreat Cream Deodorant Review GIVEAWAY

I have been sulfate free for 2 years and have been using natural, aluminum free deodorant for the past year.  I have used a variety of brands, and yes, I have even mixed up a few jars myself.  I actually prefer it in a jar as I can massage it directly into my skin and know exactly where it is going.  Often with a stick I apply too much and it a large span of area and it often gets on my clothing when I close my armpit.
*I was sent 2 natural deodorant jars from Purelygreat in the Men's Citrus and Women's Lavender, all thoughts express in this review are my own and honest.
This is a cream deodorant made up of simple and healthy ingredients, along with essential oils.  If you know me or you read my blog with any regularity, you know how I love essential oils and often mix of a batch of a face mask or applied something to my face or hair.  To use this deodorant, you open the jar and dip the tiny wooden Popsicle like stick and stir up the cream.  Most likely you will need to stir it as the vegetable glycerin and oils have separated from the baking soda and cornstarch base.  The stick is handy and the wood is nice, but it does stay oil stained (oil soaks into the wood) and I think I would have preferred a plastic dipper stick.  That is a very minimal issue.

I like the glycerin in it as I use it in my oil cleansing as it moisturizes skin.  Scoop out a dime sized amount using the clean stick, and apply to your fingers.  Massage into armpit area. 
I made the switch to chemical free, aluminum free deodorant to become healthier as I had heard of the dangers of toxicity and link to breast cancer and Alzheimers.  Regular deodorant would clog my pores and I was not able to detox my body.  Sweat is healthy and is not smelly.  It is the bacteria that is unpleasant and smelly.  So you need to keep clean and prevent the bacteria, while allowing the toxins to exit the body through your pores.

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The Purelygreat deodorant is safe to use, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, semi-organic and all natural.  Here are the ingredients and the benefits and uses:

Natural Soda
Corn Starch (non GMO)
Vegetable Glycerine (organic)
Essential Oils

Benefits of Ingredients:
Natural Soda – neutralizes odor
Corn Starch – absorbs odor
Essential Oils – antibacterial

Benefits of the Essential Oils used in the deodorant
• Patchouli – acts as a deodorant
• Lavender – soothes skin, balances hormones
• Cypress – balances perspiration
• Geranium – detoxifies, balances hormones
• Orange – stimulates lymphatic system, detoxifies
• Lime – detoxifies
• Grapefruit – lymph circulation, detoxifies
• Coriander – balances perspiration, inhibits skin fungus
I was sent the Mens Citrus and the Womens Lavender.  Both smell pretty amazing and I actually have used both, depending on what I had with me.  My husband had been using the mens, but there was a weekend that I misplaced my jar when we were moving things out of the bathroom, and I used his that weekend.  It was a little more hippyish (due to the Patchouli) but it still smelled fantastic and clean.  I like both of these products and recommend them. I really like the Geranium and Coriander ingredients, as most natural and homemade deodorants I have tried do not have these fantastic additions.
The company also has versions for teens and an unscented variety.  Check out their website for the full list of available choices!

I have been using natural deodorant for a year now exclusively and so have already gone through the detoxing period.  When first making the switch from chemical laden deodorant, to natural, you may sweat more or have worse body odor or a break out in your armpits for a 2-4 week period.  Some people are not prepared for this and then get frustrated and stop the natural deodorants.  Be patient.  Soon you will be like me and sweat less, but more of a misty sweat, and have less body odor.  I always feel confident and never smell. 

I really like these products, they work well and a little product goes a long way.  My Lavender deodorant cream is halfway used, and I have been using it generously for the past month.  I would say 1 jar could last up to 2 months. 

Please note that you may be sensitive to Baking Soda, and have irritation.  I find that if I shave the night before, I do not have a problem when applying to my freshly showered pits the next day.  I did twice make the mistake of shaving then immediately apply the cream and it stung.
For more information, you can follow the company on Facebook and Twitter for sale updates and new products.

They have products available on  Amazon.

Would you like to try a free sample before purchase? The company has a short form to fill out and they will send a sample pot.   (*while supply or promotion lasts)

Would you like a chance to WIN a jar for yourself? One reader will win a jar of their own.  Please make sure to fill in your name, email address, phone number and shipping info, this is not shared, and only used if you are a winner.  This is sent to the winner from the company by Canada Post.  Giveaway is until March 19, 2015.

Purelygreat Cream Deodorant Review and Giveaway

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