Friday, February 27, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts Review

I was sent a bag of 100% Pure Dead Sea Bath Salt from Adovia and Cleopatra's Choice.   The salt comes in a generous sized resealable bag and is gentle yet effective.  I have been loving Adovia products for the past year and have only found one out of the long list of products that did not completely wow me. (it was a shampoo that had sulfates and I am sulfate free)  This salt soak is quite lovely and what I like about it is that it is simple to use.  Unlike bath products seen on the shelves of many retail stores, this is  without any additives, scents, color, or harsh chemical ingredients.  It does not have fake or strong scents that could irritate your senses or skin.  If you want to add a scent to it while in the bath, you can easily add an essential oil, which not only smells better than the fake chemical fragrances, the essential oils have benefits as well.

I have dry skin in the winter time, and since our house is always drafty (being nearly 100 years old and poorly insulated) I take extremely hot showers.  These showers feel fantastic on a cold day, but destroy my skin.  My legs, stomach, and chest especially get completely dry and irritated.   Then of course I become itchy and scratch my skin, which increases irritation.  The Adovia bath salts soften skin and contain over 26 essential minerals, which are nourishing to skin.

Adovia products contain the dead sea salt and mud harvested directly from the Dead Sea.  These mineral salts contain just 100% pure sea salt and will turn your bath into a luxurious skin healing spa without the high cost of a spa treatment.  You can do this in the comfort of your own home and add whatever essential oils (tea tree, manuka, lavender, etc.) to the bath and salt water, and after rinsing and towel drying, finish with a carrier oil (jojoba, argan oil, calendula, etc) for a skin treat.

Benefits and uses of these Adovia salts are:

  • Effective relief from Eczema and Psoriasis symptoms
  • Eases the pain of Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  • Relieves the pain of sports and other injuries
  • Exfoliates, soothes and softens dry skin
  • Relaxes and energizes the body to relieve symptoms of stress and insomnia
Besides having dry skin on my legs, stomach and chest, my heels of my feet are often not the smoothest.  I have been trying a battery operated callous remover and heel smoother (incredible invention by the way) and these salts pair wonderfully when used during the week of my heel and foot exfoliation.  This makes a fantastic foot soak.  I do not have a picture of my using this in my foot spa, but this is what our foot bath looks like.  My husband uses it often as he is on his feet non stop with his job and I used it a lot when I was pregnant.  I now use it every few weeks to soften my feet and relieve foot pain and strain.   I fill it with water and the Adovia salt and it has a heat and bubbling action.  I had previously been using Epsom salts in my tub and foot soaks.

I really like the Adovia bath salts, they make my skin feel soft and much smoother.  I like how they contain so many skin benefits and how they are natural.  the crystals are large but melt and dissolve into the tub water easily when mixed into the warm water.

You can find these on Amazon or  For more information, you can connect with Adovia on their facebook page.  You can connect with Cleopatra's Choice on Facebook and Twitter.

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