Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zenwise Labs' Super Strength Probiotics Supplement Review

I take a daily probiotic and try to get my 4 year old and husband to take them as well. My 4 year old is much easier to convince than my husband who will not take his daily vitamins and supplements unless I go through all the bottles (number the tops of how much he should take should he get the notion to take them on his own) and put them in a small cup each night.

I have tried various brands of probiotics over the years from tiny pearl shaped ones to larger powder filled veggie cellulose capsules or regular tablets, and even liquid forms. I was sent a bottle from Zenwise Labs' of their Super Strength Probiotics supplement. This is a bottle of 60 pills (2 months supply) and contains 10 natural probiotic cultures that assist in the body's digestive process. These probiotics fight and protect against harmful bacteria, promoting a healthy immune system. Each serving (only 1 pill) contain 15 billion live probiotic cultures.

I find that when I skip a few days of taking any form of probiotic, I feel terrible. I have less energy, poor mood, stomach cramping and over all, I feel out of balance. These are nice for my husband and I since there is only ONE pill to take. The pill is easy to swallow. These are not good for my four year old as she cannot swallow pills and I always buy her children's chewable one or get the type in a powdered veggie capsule that I can break apart and sprinkle in her food. We keep these in the fridge for added freshness. Neither of us have had any complaints about this particular brand of probioitcs. My husband is using the Zenwise Hair Vitamins with DHT blocker and is liking it a lot (I reviewed the hair vitamins here).

We like this product and having a 2 month supply is great for us, and that is really a 1 month supply for 2 people.  It takes up less space sharing one bottle between the 2 of us.  I recommend this if you are looking for a nice probiotic.  It is available on Amazon in case you are interested in trying it. 

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*I was sent one bottle of Probiotics from the company for an honest review of the product. All thoughts are my own.

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