Friday, February 20, 2015

Escapes – Music for Relaxing CD by Jeff Gold: Revewed

Our 4 year old daughter has had some sort of music or relaxation sounds cd played throughout the night ever since she was a newborn.  My husband and I play a loop of oceans waves throughout the night while we sleep and my daughter has a similar sound machine in her room that is a babbling brooke loop, along with a few other natural based sounds to select.  She likes the soothing lull of the water and it also helps drown out the noise of our neighbor who leaves for work at 5 am on their motorcycle outside my daughter's window.

Lately my daughter has been having a few instances of night terrors and frequent waking.  She also is afraid of a pair of black leggings in her room that is stored on the shelf, as well as a few other pairs of pants.  (not sure why, but we gather from her crying and jumbled speach while crying, that they resemble a snake perhaps, but we aren't sure.  We obviously cannot hide all the pants in her room and we cannot ban tights, it is winter here, and tights are also cute on her!  We are trying to come up with ways to soothe her to sleep in addition to her water machine.

I was sent a meditation/relaxation music cd called, The “Escapes – Music for Relaxing .” Jeff Gold is the musician and has created a collection of original melodies featuring acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes.  We have been playing this cd in her bedroom along with the water sounds every night.  This is one full hour of music.  She likes it a lot and requests us to play it if we forget to start the cd.  By the middle of the cd she is fast asleep, but having the cd finish in the background seems to keep her asleep longer and help her slide into deeper sleep and relaxation. 

His music is gaining interest and is often on the Top 10 "Relaxation Music" list on Amazon.  The tempo is ideal for meditation, massage, reiki and yoga. “Escapes” creates a peaceful ambiance for daydreaming, meditating, thinking, creating new ideas, accomplishing important tasks, soothing and easing stress and worry, and help with unsettled sleep patterns.  Special needs children, insomniacs, or those who are experiencing high stress often listen to “Escapes” as therapy.

We like this cd and recommend it for yoga, insomnia, stress relief, or casual listening.  It may even help some individuals with ADD or ADHD calm their jitters and concentrate on their tasks.  I definitely notice my daughter is more relaxed and calm when listening to this cd.  When she wakes in the middle of the night, we often restart the cd for her.

*I was sent one cd to review in exchange for my honest opinion.*

 Are you interested in hearing a sample? Jeff is offering a free download for "Tradewinds", which is one of "Escapes" most popular songs.  You can visit, and after signing up with an email address, "Tradewinds" can be downloaded for free.

Follow Jeff on Facebook for updates on his latest projects and to see some of his favorite artist's paintings.  Visit his website to listen to some of his music sampled, take a peek into his life and music journey, as well as info for purchasing his music.  His music is available on Amazon  and iTunes.

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