Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee for Nespresso Brewers, Yrgacheffe Review / GIVEAWAY

My husband and I love coffee and it is a bit of a necessity for me in the mornings to perk up a bit when 2 little ones wake this late-night blogger mommy up early in the morning.  :) I was sent some pod coffee from the Two Rivers Company.  The brand I have been trying is Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee and it came in a 10 pack of individual pods.  The flavor / type I was sent was called "Yrgacheffe" which is a floral accented variety with citrus and Jasmine notes.  The Cap Mundo coffee is compatible with the Nespresso machine, but is not affiliated with the Nestle Foods Inc Nespresso brand in any way.  If you do not have a Nespresso machine but have a love for coffee and all things unique and fantastic, then go ahead and take the pod apart and put it in your refillable universal kcup pod.  (You have one of those don't you? If you don't you really need one.  Unfortunately the Keurig 2.0 does not make that possible, but others such as the Platinum work well.)

Back to the awesome coffee pod.  :) The coffee is of nice quality and has been roasted using a slow roasting  process without being over-roasted. This green coffee mocha is grown on the Southern Ethiopian highlands.  This is a unique coffee with a lovely lavish aroma with hints of jasmine. I drink a lot of Jasmine tea so having it in coffee is something surprising and new for me.  I liked it but as with all coffee, I tend to change it a bit with my love of milk and cream.  I am not a coffee connoisseur and would probably stress most coffee purists as I never drink my coffee black or simple.  I do not put sugar in my coffee, but I do make it more of a beige color and enjoy it with lots of milk. 

These little coffee capsules are individually wrapped in their own package which makes me feel extra luxurious having my own nicely wrapped pod.  Each pod is made of black plastic with foil tops, with venting holes at the bottom of each pod.  I read some reviews before making my cup and since a few people said this tasted a little on the weak side, I used a bit less water for my cup and then I added my milk. 

I liked the coffee and find it to taste great with some vanilla cream and milk.  The box is interesting as it has several languages on it for the description.

*The company sent me 1 box of Cap Mundo for this review, this is my honest opinion.

Would you like a chance to try this coffee? One of my readers will win a 10 pack of Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee for Nespresso Brewers, Yrgacheffe. Please make sure to add your name, shipping, phone number and email to the personal question box so that I can enter this to the company if you win. This info is only used for winner submission. ENDS March 2nd, 2015.

Cap Mundo Single-Cup Coffee for Nespresso Brewers, Yrgacheffe Review / GIVEAWAY


  1. I had a big mug of coffee with cream and sugar! What a great way to start my morning!

  2. 2 shots of Nespresso Roma with almond milk and vanilla syrup