Saturday, February 14, 2015

12 Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rings by Nikkouware: Reviewed

I was sent a set of 12 Shower Curtain Rings to review. My bathroom is done in a shabby chic type theme and my previous rings, although they were very feminine and reminiscent of a vintage powder room, after 4 years they were rusty and not as sweet as they used to be. I had purchased them for their girly addition to my bathroom and not for the way they functioned. I actually would struggle with them every day when I would get into the shower and try to move the curtain along the rod. They would always skip and hang onto the rod or catch on the curtain and liner. They were a faux porcelain like curtain hook in various girly shapes such as handbag, frilly hat, fancy high heel shoe, lip stick tube, and perfume powder box.

I must admit when these came to me, I was eager to try them out on my shower rod. These were instant love. Despite their simple appearance, they work really well. My curtain actually glides along the shower rod. The shower curtain rings come in a modest clear plastic pack of 12 rings with ball bearings on them. They are said to be made of polished brass & stainless steel and are said to not rust. I truly hope so as my previous rings were terrible. The installation of these rings is very simple and easy, but does take some patience when you have 2 very heavy shower curtains (thick quilt like cotton curtain and a vinyl one. The rings actually give a slight modern retro feel to my bathroom which is nice since we have some parts of our home decorated with a slight 60's vibe.

They unhook by using both hands and pinching inward then swiveling the hook outward. I have tested them almost 2 weeks and they are working well. I kind of like the sound they make when the curtain is flung open or closed. :) I have not had any dragging or skipping on the rod. I like these a lot and recommend these if you are needing to update your curtain hooks.

These were sent to me for review, however this is my honest opinion. You can find these on Amazon.

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