Friday, February 13, 2015

Super Hair Growth by Will's General: Review

I have been trying to get my husband to take his vitamins and drink more water. His skin, energy, and hair have been suffering over the last year due to not eating while at his high volume 10-12 hr a day job, and drinking way too much coffee. He started having thinner hair a few years back in his late twenties, but it was never noticeably balding. In the last year, since starting a different job, his stress level has increased, along with a decline of energy, mood, and overall nutrient intake. I realize a lot of his newly balding spot is due to some male pattern hair loss, however, for it to become drastically thin in just 10 months has me wondering.

I had the opportunity to review some hair vitamins from a company called Will's General. They have a bottle of "Super Hair Growth" supplement that I wanted him to try. He has been taking it daily for 3 weeks. Now, I will not say he has "Super Growth" in such a short amount of time, as that is not really accurate or true. I know a lot of reviewers say how all these weigh loss pills and hair growth pills work for them in such as short amount of time, but to me that is a bit suspicious as supplements take time to get into your body and work. Hair has growth cycles and is not just going to completely fill in in a short 2-3 weeks, as hair only grows up to 1/2 an inch a month.

There is a process to this cycle of growth and there are these phases: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen (source).  When the scalp and hair are healthy, hair is nourished by blood vessels at the base of the follicle and it is able to grow.  Anagen is the active phase of the hair. Hair on our head is constantly in a different growth cycle.  It is important to have a proper diet, drink plenty of water, get rest, and and keep the scalp healthy.  It often helps to use scalp massage with a bristle brush to stimulate growth and keep the follicles and blood vessels healthy and unclogged.  Catagen and Telogen  are the transitional and resting stages of hair.  These phases are when the base of the root, detaches from the blood supply.  During the Telogen phase hair growth slows and often stops to rest. The hair is shed. If the follicle is healthy, a new shaft begins to grow and the cycle begins again, which is referred to as the exogen phase.  Now men have testosterone and androgens and their bodies create DHT (dihydrotestosterone).  When their follicles get damaged or build up and eventually suffocate, the anagen phase of the life cycle gradually becomes shorter and hair often does not regrow properly.

My husband has a combination of male pattern baldness but it had only been slowly thinning for the last few years.  The last year we have seen his hair get incredibly worse, it seemed to shed more and has been slow to grow.  I am hoping that with him taking these hair growth vitamins, along with an improved diet, a DHT blocker (at this time we are trying Saw Palmetto) , and Stinging Nettle/Horsetail/Rosemary tea.  I have also finally convinced him to be sulfate free like I have been (for 2 years).  He has been sulfate free for almost 6 months and has stopped using alcohol based hair gels and creams.  I have been having him use pure aloe juice along with castor oil and burdock oil.  Hopefully all these methods with assist with strengthening and regrowing his hair.

I like the Will's General Hair Vitamins and think that by taking the recommended 3 pills per day will fortify his hair and make it fuller and have more luster.  Supplements are not miracle pills, but they help when combined with healthy lifestyles and proper diet.  These pills contain good ingredients for nourishing hair and stimulating new growth.  Biotin is is one of the important ingredients in this bottle.  The pills are large and not the most pleasant for him to take as he says he prefers gelcap form, but we both agree his hair is shedding less in the shower and less on his comb.  We have not noticed new growth yet, but we do like that his hair is not shedding as much.

This is available to purchase on Amazon.  I received one bottle for testing purposes, however, this is my (and my husband's) honest opinion. 

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