Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ageless Derma Intensive Skin Brightener Reviewed

I have been using another fantastic Ageless Derma beauty product this past month. It is lightweight anti-aging, skin clearing and brightening cream. My skin stays pretty clear most of the time, but the area I have the most trouble with is my chin. I will get a red blemish about 1-2 times per month and it often stays a red mark for several days. I do attempt to conceal them, however it does not due much good if they aren't treated as well. The cream is called Ageless Derma Intensive Skin Brightener.

I really like the container it comes in and how it dispenses product.  Ageless Derma uses an airless pump jar that is unlike any other airless pump I have used, well except for my Ageless Derma Stem Cell Anti-aging Cream which also has this container as well.  I find that this unique pump is super easy to use, keeps the product fresh, travels easily (and does not get product on anything).  I also really like the plastic lid.  It snaps on securely and I never worry about the product getting other items messy or leaking.  The beauty creams that come in this type of pump are always fresh and potent.  I think it looks attractive on my dresser and on par with the cost and quality of the product.

The cream comes out the top when the white platform like top is pressed down.  The product is a beige  color and I only need 2-3 pumps to cover my entire face and my neck.  The fragrance is light and absorbs quickly.  I like how the ingredients are botanical and root extracts along with Niacin and niacinamide, which are forms of Vitamin B3 and wonderful for beautiful and clear skin.  The top quality ingredients used in this product are intended to lighten the skin without any harmful side effects.  I have not had any problem with oily skin, dry skin, irritation., or break outs.  I do want to mention that skin may be more sensitive to sunlight and you should always use a mid to high range SPF.  I find it best for me personally to layer my SPF with my various beauty creams and then top with my SPF natural makeup products.

I like the products I have seen and tried so far with this company.  Their makeup is fantastic.  I have tired the concealer and the foundation powder.  I find them to be full coverage for me. Ageless Derma Anti-Aging products contain high concentrations of Retinol, peptides, green tea extracts, vitamins, apple stem cells, antioxidants and organic ingredients.  I like how they are paraben free and do not test on animals. 

I have only been using this product for a little over 3 weeks, but I think it is a great cream and I hope to see some improvement in my chin area red marks, as well as under my eye area where I have bad dark circles.  My dark circles are an ongoing problem due to lack of proper sleep and being hereditary.

*I was sent a container of this product for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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