Monday, February 2, 2015

Morning Pep 100% Natural USA Birch Xylitol: Review and GIVEAWAY

I have never found a sweetener that I liked the taste of or felt comfortable with consuming other than regular sugar or pure honey, until now. I've tried Stevia products, Splenda, Truvia, and do not like the flavor or toxicity of the pink and blue sugar packet sweeteners. I was sent a bag of Xylitol from Morning Pep and I am happy I was selected to review it.   I want to mention that this is made from Birch, and not corn.(a plus in my opinion)

This comes in a resealable bag and the crystals are larger than sugar, but are in no way gritty.  They actual melt in my mouth with almost a cooling sensation.  I must admit, I do often lick the remaining off the spoon when I over scoop some of the crystals.  In my opinion, this is the closest I have found to anything that can be called a sugar substitute.  In my mind, a substitute should be as good as or even better than the item it is replacing.  The other sweeteners I have tried have bitter aftertastes (Stevia) or have a too sweet and off putting taste.  Besides the larger crystal size, this looks and tastes like sugar (it actually reminds me slightly of Sugar in the Raw (raw sugar cane sugar).  Xylitol replaces sugar in equal measurements and this particular brand has 40% fewer calories than regular sugar and 75% fewer carbs.

Diabetics or those trying to cut back on sugar and trim their waistline, may want to try Xylitol.  I had heard a few months ago about Xylitol being used to prevent or even treat tooth decay, I now make my own calcium bentonite clay toothpaste and use this Xylitol to add some sweet flavor to balance the strong essential oils. 
Morning Pep Xylitol is Kosher and free of GMO, corn, wheat, gluten,soy and dairy, so it should fit into most everyone's diet and lifestyle.  

I really like this and was incredibly impressed by this.  I have reviewed Stevia products and even Yacon syrup and flatly wrote that I did not care for them (my husband likes them).  I really did not think there would be a sugar substitute (besides honey) that I would actually enjoy and use.  I have not used sugar in any of my coffee or tea drinks for the past month, and when I had a grapefruit, I used this Xylitol.  I have tired it in my steel cut oats and enjoyed it as well.

*A sample of Morning Pep Xylitol was sent to me in a bag.  These are my honest opinions on the product and I found it favorable.  My thoughts might differ from yours. 

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Morning Pep 100% Natural USA Birch Xylitol: Review and GIVEAWAY


  1. I am a Diabetic and I would LOVE to try this!

    1. It is FANTASTIC (seriously). There is no aftertaste. Good Luck to you Amy.

  2. I haven't tried Xylitol but use Splenda to sweeten many of my foods and drinks.