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Kitten Makeup Brushes By Bella and Bear: 15 piece set Reveiwed

I love trying new beauty products and tools and so when I was offered the opportunity to review a makeup set from Bella & Bear I eagerly accepted.  I have been trying out these brushes for a few weeks and I like them a lot.  I really like this brand as they pay attention to detail.  Now I know I wont be applying makeup with a cardboard box, however, having the box packaging be pretty, feminine, and have a retro vintage flair to it, really makes these sets extra special.  The brand houses their beauty items in pretty packaging that has a Tiffany blue green background, polka dots, and a floral pattern that I just love.  Their items always are ready for gift giving and will wow the receiver.

The Bella & Bear Kitten brush set comes in a nice case.  This is a faux leather hard zipper case that has a silver tone heart zipper pull.  The zipper glides smoothly and has the satisfying sound that a nice quality zipper should make.  The case is lovely and has an embossed logo for Bella & Bear.  Inside you will find the brushes stored in book form with plastic coverings to protect them from becoming misshapen.  I love how they all have cat names (see the description picture) which is also heart warming because the company donates a percentage of their sales to the protection of the big cats around the world that are endangered.  

It is nice to see a company take pride in making their items extra special and unique.  I like how the brushes are organized by type in the case.  I have a lot of brush sets as I am a makeup enthusiast.  This is the only set I have that is a zippered hard portfolio case.  I have many roll up snap or tie up cases which are nice, but they do not protect or store quite like this set.  This case is perfect for a makeup artist who is always traveling, or just a regular gal like me who likes her brushes well cared for and neatly stored.

This set uses a mixture of  brush hair types: Horse, Goat and Synthetic Hair for the softest feel on your face.   I prep my face with Vitamin C / Hyaluronic Acid serum mixed with a little Royal Jelly serum and then apply an anti-wrinkle cream (1-2 pumps) all over my face and neck.  I then apply Tarte Brightening Primer or Bare Minerals Brightening Primer all over and follow up with an application of my Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream on a wet Beauty Blender.  Sometimes I use a foundation brush to apply.

Here is how I used this brush set.  I use the Linx (flat kabuki) brush the most as I apply mineral powders everyday to my face.  This brush works well for me to use with liquid foundation or my BB cream, or I can use it with my mineral powder.  I use the Leopard (tapered brush) brush on my cheek bones when I apply my Tarte cheek powder/cream brush.  

I really like the Marbled Cat (short shader brush) I use this for my eyeshadow more than any of the other shadow brushes in the set.  The short height of this brush and the density of the bristles gives me control and packs on nice pigment.  I normally only use 1-2 eyeshadow shades at a time due to time constraints with a 4 year old and 10 month old at home.  I used to go all out with application of several shades for more interesting makeup looks, but now I need more simple styles that can be applied quickly.  I do find that the blending brushes (Jaguarundy, Sand Cat / Small Tapered and Bornean Bay Cat / Tapered Blending) are definitely useful as I am not the best at blending my shadows in a skilled way.

I really like the lip brush as it is thick, dense, and case a handy holder/storage tube stick.  I like how the lid/tube case protects other items from getting messy if I am not able to clean my lipstick or glaze off the brush immediately.  I only wear 2 colors normally, (either bright red or fuschia hot pink, and whatever color I wear is usually for a month straight before I go to the other shade.  So my lip brush stays used by the same color for extended periods of time.  I kind of get in a mood for one of the 2 shades and then use it daily for a month, then switch to the other shade. :)

The brushes are listed as non shedding and I did not have much of a problem with shedding except for the Tiger one (largest fluffy brush, non tapered and the Leopard brush that I use for blush).  I find that every time I use these 2 brushes they leave short tiny hairs on my face which is unfortunate as I love the size and overall functions of these 2 brushes. 

I am always excited about concealer brushes.  I really like the yellow/orange one in the set called the Golden Cat.  I find it works well under my eyes for covering my dark circles and around my nose.  I use a creamy salmon peachy pink shade to conceal as it seems to help with counteracting the bluish tones.  The Fishing Cat brush is what I used for smoking out a little dark shadow on my lower lashes.  It is a flat defining eye lining brush and is the perfect density for my needs.  I do not use the skinny lining brush at all as I use a black felt tipped eye liner (Stila Stay All Day liner). 

There are a nice assortment of brushes in this set, and more than I have mentioned.  I noticed there was not a spoolie  brush, fan brush or eyebrow grooming brush which is fine as those are in pretty much every set I have and I never use those.

I like these brushes and find the set is convenient for travel (the stiff portfolio type case, size and shape are sturdy and will not crush).  The overall quality of the set is nice for my personal use.  I am not a makeup artist or professional in any way.  The set is currently on sale for $75 which makes these $5 each brush.  I see that the retail cost of these brushes before the sale is $120.  I would not be able to pay that price, however the $5 each for the brush, along with the fantastic case is a great deal for a set like this. 

If you are on the search for a nice set, this one might suit your fancy.  The handles are smooth and comfortable to hold.  This set is so pretty and would make a wonderful gift.  This is available on Amazon

Here is how I used the set. I lined my eyes with my felt tipped eyeliner, but the rest of the look was done using the Bella & Bear Kitten set.  I am wearing under eye cream concealer, eye liner, mascara, eyeshadow, BB cream, mineral veil powder, blush, and lipstick. 

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