Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Digital Wireless Headphones by RIF6: Reviewed

I was recently sent some headphones from RIF6. These are very attractive headphones and I am very smitten with them. The material on the headphones is a soft faux leather material. The seams and stitching on the pads seams neat and the headband is well constructed. I like how sturdy these are. I have used ear buds for years even though I abhor them. I like earbuds for their lightweight feel and portability, but for home use, had purchased a padded headphone set similar to this in appearance a few years back. After 3 years of daily use, they had broken and had to be thrown away. My previous headphones were also padded but were not wireless and they were also much heavier. The other headphones were larger and sometimes felt as if they would shift a bit and would slide off my head slightly.

These headphones fit snug, which is great. They are adjustable and fit a variety of head sizes. I find that the smallest setting is most comfortable for me. I like that these can be used without a cord, with the charging dock functioning as the wireless transmitter as well. I like having a place to store these when not in use. These are placed on the top of the dock for charging. It makes it easy to find them, as my previous ones, despite being so large, would often get misplaced as I used them with my laptop in several parts of the house and never put them in a dedicated place.  I use these every day.  Seriously. 

I thought these worked well when connected to our ancient (7 year old) laptop. We do have some problems with our wireless connectivity sometimes so I did have some cutting out of music on a particularly rainy evening and switched to using the cord. I do not use headphones when walking around the house so am fine using a cord to use these. I do like having the option to use these without the cord for when cleaning the house when the little ones are napping (WHEN is the key word, my almost 4 year old does not nap much). I do think a shorter cord should also be included, as the current cord is VERY long for normal use. It can potentially get tangled up so I would suggest finding out the actual length you need and then using a zip tie or twisty tie to secure the unused portion.

I like how these can use a rechargeable battery (that hides away in the ear pad). It was very easy to open this compartment, but did take me some extra care to put the pad back into the perfect position as I was trying to be too gentle. I realized I needed to snap it back in with a slight pressure for it to lock back in place.

The sound quality on this headphone set is great. I am not an audiophile or knowledgeable of headphones, but for my regular use, these sound sharp and clear. I am looking forward to use these for movies and tv use as I am a bit of a night owl. The Amazon listing price on these headphones seems just about right and I am happy to have these.  *These were sent to me to review, in exchange for my honest opinion.  However, if I had known about these a few months ago when my previous ones broke, I would have totally purchased these.

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